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Why a HND accounting is better than other accountancy qualifications

Why choose an HND accounting?

A Higher National Diploma (HND) Accounting is an undergraduate qualification, which is designed specifically to prepare you for a career in accountancy. The HND accounting course can be either full-time or part-time. Central to HND accounting courses, and what sets it apart from other undergraduate courses like a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in accounting, is that it is vocational.

This means you get hands-on experience throughout your studies. The opportunities of experiencing a variety of accounting positions as work experience over the two years of the course can therefore lead you straight into an accounting career. Over 25% of HND students follow this route.

The HND is also equivalent to two years at university and on completion you may be able to top up to a degree. Other accountancy qualifications may not give you the same work-related experience as the HND and may not be as recognisable to employers.

Can I do a ‘top up degree’ after my HND?

The answer is ‘Yes’. You have the opportunity to top up your qualification to a full degree over one or two years. The HND has already given you the vocational experience, and so the degree will give you a more theoretical side to the qualification. This may give you an opportunity for an internship.

What career options do I have after my HND?

Many HNDs have work placements as part of the qualification; unlike other accounting courses, this enables you to gain an insight into the workings of an accountancy firm. This will also give you a better idea of any specialisations you wish to focus on. After completion of the HND, and possibly your top up degree, you may wish to seek employment. You will already have the combined knowledge and skill, together with your work-related experience, to make your desirability for any employer.

How can I increase my chances of getting an accounting job?

As the HND is by nature a vocational qualification, the job opportunities may present themselves to you. This is especially true with your possible work-based placement. The network you will have created through your placements with various accounting companies will prove to be useful when it comes to job hunting. You must ensure that your CV reflects this and your skills and experiences gained in order to stand out from the other candidates.

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