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How graduates can improve their employability – best business graduate degrees

If you are about to enter your final year degree at college, you are already on the way to obtaining the qualification which employers are looking.

However, the job marketplaces are more complicated than ever. The technological revolution has altered the skill set and attributes which many organizations value – especially for accountancy and business graduates.

So, what else can you do in the next 12 months throughout your degree, which can increase your chance to the top of the UK talent pool?

Business and economic awareness

Working hard on your degree studies, you cannot lose sight of the need to keep up to date. Try to follow current affairs and research businesses in your particular field of study or those that match your career aspirations.

In your future job interviews, the organization will value your interest and thought process. Having your unique perspective will put you ahead of the rest of the candidates.

It is likely that the interview panel will be able to spot the applicant who “swotted up” the night before.

Communication skills

No matter how technical or specialist your chosen field is, you will need to be able to communicate with colleagues and other people on a daily basis.

That ability to present and explain your role and your ideas need to come across in the application process too. Work on your written and verbal communication skills, no matter what degree you choose.

Work ethic

Graduates who have excelled in their studies are one step ahead of the field, but some employers look for more subtle qualities when adding to their team – a willingness to be adaptable, flexible and hard working.

Your qualifications on their own may not be enough, so demonstrate other opportunities you have used in life to work on problem-solving and teamwork skills.

It could be part time employment, participation in clubs and organisations or overcome difficulties of some kind.

Digital fluency

It doesn’t matter which job sector you are in, as a graduate your ability to use the latest digital tools and methods will be measured. Even education degrees and teaching jobs rely upon technology and they are comfortable with modern technology.

Show that you can prepare, present and explain your studies, work history and personal attributes in a digital format. Having a 2-dimensional CV may be enough for smaller, more traditional employers. However, a digital profile can carry significant weight with larger more up to date companies, especially if you are working in some interactive functionality.

Best Business graduate degrees – How to choose?

The subject of whether to include images of yourself on a CV is a source of great debate. Much depends on the established “norm” in your chosen job sector.

Especially for accountancy and business posts, having a digital profile on LinkedIn or your website can provide the option of checking for more detail, including images.

The best graduate opportunities start with an education from a college in London with its “finger on the pulse” regarding modern business and economics. Get a qualification for the real world from Mont Rose College in IlfordLondon.

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