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Enjoy Maximum Protection with Cloud Backup service

Cloud backup is an integral element of any reliable modern computer system. We are living in an age where losing data or files is such a hefty price to shoulder. Consider a university student who loses their entire final-year thesis due to a simple hard drive failure. In such cases, the mishap could be avoided if they had stored copies of their project online. Nonetheless, in as much as cloud backup is becoming a more sought-after utility, there is need to consider various aspects when choosing one.

Important 5 points about Cloud backup service

  • Bandwidth

If you’re only going to use the cloud backup service with a single machine, then the bandwidth of the service can hardly be an issue. But if you are planning on integrating multiple machines, then you might want to delve deeper on how the service provider handles the stored files. E.g. a cloud backup service that stores separate copies of the files backed up for each machine may not be as reliable as one that keeps a single copy while distributing it to the entire network.

Data or information mining is fast becoming a lucrative ‘profession.’ As either a personal or commercial computer user, you have to ensure the security of the data or files stored online. Remember that tech-savvy professionals and hackers will stop at nothing to get hold of important or crucial files, whether personal or for business. It is entirely your responsibility to do a background check before signing up with any cloud backup company.

  • Access

Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming an everyday trend. With many electronic gadget manufacturers producing quality and cheap phones, it’s possible that you might find yourself using your phone as your primary daily driver. Therefore, your prospective cloud backup service provider should ensure that you can still access the utility via your phone or any other mobile device. Such flexibility is likely to make your work easier by placing everything you need under a single platform. Well, in case you are the type that loves walking around with your smartphone, this is still a feature to put into consideration.

  • Durability and reliability

The reason for enrolling for a cloud backup service is to ensure that you always have your data on the go. If your prospective service provider cannot guarantee the availability of the service at least 65% of a given period, then you might want to look elsewhere. The reason is that you cannot retrieve of backup data if the servers are always under repair or configuration. The same goes for the average number of scheduled downtime hours, which should be as low as possible.

  • Top-notch customer care service.

Anyone new to any service requires a bit of orientation before finding their foot. Thus, a working customer care support team will make your cloud backup experience easier, especially for the first few months. If you value your time and money, then you might not appreciate a scenario whereby you have to wait for hours before the support gets back at you.

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