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cloud station backup Trendy or Transformational?

Cloud computing and more so cloud station backup only emerged a few years ago. In fact, it can be considered as one of the most useful applications of the internet. However, this hasn’t prevented it from evolving into a very useful tool that has changed how we live, work, communicate and most importantly; how we view the world. It was only some years ago when data centers were a maze of tapes, drives, and hard drives. To tell the truth, computer analysts have more than once compared the evolution from tapes to the cloud, as means of data storage, to the evolution of mankind from the ancients Australopithecus.

Enter the second half of the second decade of the new millennium and you’re confronted with even greater improvements. The cloud backup that was once a preserve of large businesses is now been used comfortably by private citizens. What’s more it’s becoming cheaper by day. At this rate by 2099, cloud backup will be almost free. And I’m not talking about using your email database to save a few documents here and there. No, I’m talking about using a cloud account to sync music, photos and movies directly to your phone or PC. I’m talking about been able to seamlessly view, edit and save office documents directly from your cloud account. Such is the flexibility and fluidity that is accorded by cloud backup accounts.

Before the advent of cloud station backup

Companies used to rely on physical files to store their financial and other important records. No that was a little way back, probably even before the invention of the first computer by our fellow Englishman, Charles Babbage. One of his most famous quotes or principles that I still live by to date is, “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Which I still think makes a lot of sense as far as cloud backup is concerned.

You see, with cloud backup, what you save is what you’ll ultimately get. There are no two ways or shortcuts about it. It is as reliable as that. In as much as it true for the positive side, it also holds for the negative side as well. What do I mean? Let’s say you save a file or photo album today. Since cloud backup is built for its permanence, come rain or come shine, your file will still be there tomorrow. For some people this can a good save, to others, it can be a great save, depending on where you come from, that is.

Lastly, we’re soon going to see the implementation of cloud backup in our social media and online based platforms. Actually, it is estimated by the year 2050, there will be no need for external memory cards, inbuilt memory chips and so on. The future computer will only feature a separate RAM unit and a fast processor. As the internet is becoming more and more accessible in different remote places on earth, it will be easier to implement cloud backup across a large scale platform. And behold the future of cloud backup beckons.

How do you expect the experience to be, Trendy or Transformational? Only time can tell.

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