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Broaden your career horizons with an accounting and finance top up degree

Don’t be mistaken, studying accountancy doesn’t mean you have to become an accountant. Instead, you are opening up your career to vast opportunities, developing skills suitable for more than just the finance sector.

Of course, many people looking at a accounting and finance top up degree are seeking a future in the finance sector. But you should always be aware that there are many other options available to you should you eventually decide that being an accountant isn’t the right role for you. Not everyone is suited for accountancy, so it’s good to know that you have other options when the time comes to pursue a career.

Data analyst

The possibilities are endless when you become a data analyst, as many sectors are now seeking data-driven individuals to join their businesses. This type of role requires a meticulous attention-to-detail and the ability to gain insight from numerical data.

For instance, in sales and marketing, a data analyst may review website traffic to determine where visitors are coming from, and why certain web pages are more popular than others. This information can then be correlated with sales reports, indicating gaps that need to be improved on for future sales.

Tax advisor

Tax advisors play an important role in the private sector, helping businesses pay their taxes efficiently and ensuring that they take advantage of any tax benefits that they may not be aware of. Often tax advisors help companies when there is a change in the law or new government legislation.

In 2018, many tax advisors will be focusing on the Making Tax Digital for Business initiative that is set to come into full effect by 2020 Companies will work alongside tax advisors to ensure all software and processes are prepared for the digital handover.

Purchasing manager

If you’re good at finding the best deals, pursue a career as a purchasing manager. This exciting role involves seeking out suppliers to get the best deal on the equipment, goods and services that allows a business to operate successfully.

You will get the chance to network and meet people from all walks of life in this position, building lasting relationships to ensure you always get the best deals. If you’re a people person, this is definitely the role for you.

Know more about accounting and finance top up degree

Taking a top up in accounting and Finance won’t hinder your chances in the future; it will broaden your horizons and opportunities, instead. Speak to a member of our team today to find out about the accounting and finance top up degree available at the Mont Rose College in Ilford.

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