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A Brief Guide to Find the Best Colleges

What to consider while choosing a college?

Choosing the best college to start a new chapter of your academic life and career is very important. A right college can break or make your career.

What seems to be the best college for one student, may not necessarily mean the same for another person.

The below guide will help you make the right decision

1. Academics

If you are of the subject you want to study, you can initially shortlist colleges offering those programmes. Search for the feedback and current students’ opinions and evaluate them according to your own personal preferences.

2. Location

Do you want your college to be located close to your home, so you can spend less time commuting?

If you broaden your geographic limitations, you will eventually open up more opportunities.

Do consider the size of the campus. A smaller college may feel more personalized and intimate. But a larger one could offer more diverse experiences and extracurricular activities.

3. Career Opportunities

What career opportunities will you have after pursuing your desired programme at a specific college?

Where do you want to live and work after the graduation? What off-campus options exist to build your career network?

Answers to the above questions will definitely help you narrow your choices and find the right college for you.

4. Finances

Nobody wants to end up in debts, therefore tuition fees, bursary or scholarships availability as well as government financial support option should be considered. Sometimes colleges that look pricey initially can become quite affordable when student loan are factored in.

Mont Rose College, for example, offers courses that are fully funded by Student Loan Company. So, don’t let the fees hinder your career!

3 Ways to Make Selecting Process of Colleges Easier

Once you come up with a precise idea of what you want, start considering your available options.

Feeling confused or dumbfounded during the college selection process is very common. Consider these three vital resources to help you steer through—

  • Guidance Counsellors, Admission Officers— They try to guide the students in the right direction. They are well-known for the ins and outs of higher education.
  • Family, Friends— They know the best qualities of you that you haven’t yet considered. Know about their college choices, and opportunities they wish had done differently.
  • Campus Visits— Visit shortlisted colleges on open days to have a look at what a given institution has on offer.

At Mont Rose College, we can guarantee that you will thrive academically as well as socially. You will be comfortable being who you are, and fully use your potential.

Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Colleges

Choosing a right college can be stressful and ensuring that you are making the right decision can often feel like an overwhelming task. To help with the process, we advise to avoid some of the most common mistakes along the way:

1. Finding the right college needs good time and effort apart from research and time-consuming application process. Don’t wait for the last minute— it’s a bad idea.

2. Don’t follow your friends to the college of their choice. Initially, you may like this decision of staying near them, but this is one of the most pivotal points in your life— you have to make the best decision for yourself.

3. Choose a college based on what you want and not based on what someone else wants. If you wish to study full-time or part-time, make your own desision.

4. Whether you are a homebody who wants to stay close to your home, or an escape artist who wants to move as far from home as possible, the college location should be a factor to consider, not the only decision-maker.

5. Visit the college campus on open days and experience its facilities and atmosphere on your own.

6. Don’t depend on reputation. Just because the college is prestigious, highly-ranked or expensive, doesn’t mean it is the right college for you. Choose the one that offers a high-quality learning environment, and best student facilities to help you thrive and succeed in your career goals.

To rightly find your best educational fit, initiate with evaluating your academic, extracurricular, social, and financial possibilities, desires and needs.

Mont Rose College makes every effort to shape student’s future and career. Want to learn more about Mont Rose College? Get in touch with us today!

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