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5 Surefire Strategies to Soar You SERP Rank in 2017

Design your SEO Rankings strategy

Search Engine Rank Position is the rankings that any particular website gets on the Google search engine. Google is one of the most visited search engines covering more than 67% global market share among others like Yahoo and Bing. If your SERP is high, it means that Google has certified you as a genuine service provider and this is the first impression your potential customer will get when they search for related keywords.Thanks to the Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin, the wrong SEO Rankings practices have stopped and it is actually a good thing for businesses who are genuinely want to enhance their rankings with transparent, fair and honest SEO Rankings practices.

However, when it comes to consumers’ behaviors and buying patterns, you need to understand that they are changing with time and you should design your SEO Rankings strategy accordingly. In 2017, we have demonstrated some of the most promising strategies you can introduce and implement to have some superior results. Here is a list

1 – Come up with original, relevant content consistently

Remember one important thing that Google recognizes you and your business. You cannot hide anything from it and most importantly, it does value the relationship you share with it. Just like an old friend, Google gives rewards to you if you are consistently following all the guidelines and rules designed by the Google and this thing will surely favor you. Come up with high quality and relevant content every time you post anything on the internet and your genuine and transparent efforts will be appreciated by the Google. This is something Google wants from you and it will surely enhance your rankings to a high level.

In an opposite case, if you have tried to cheat or followed wrong SEO practices, you will be rewarded negatively and you should not complain about it as the relationship is a two way street, my friend.

2 – Relevant keywords introduction to posts and media

It is something you need to be a master at as it is going to help you in a long way. Make sure that your content has relative keywords that can help Google to identify you and put ahead in the game. You can use various related keywords in the content that can redirect users to your website and it is a simple matter of learning and you can learn it easily.

If you are looking for high SERP, put your primary keywords in the first 100 words of the article. When you provide an image, share the source too. It will be a genuine thing to do and Google will surely appreciate it.

3 – Internal linking will help you get backlinks

Do you know what is internal linking is all about? Well, if you don’t, let me explain you.

When you are writing an article, you can use different relevant links from other sources like your old posts or some other different informative context. It will surely help you to navigate users to your old posts and it will also enhance the SEO rankings by getting backlinks to your website.

It is not advisable that you start internal linking to a page that is lowering down on SERP. Instead of it, link the page that has already have the posts linked to them.

4 – Have you checked your page speed in recent times?

Well, if you have not, you are in a grave danger, mate. Would you like to wait for a website to load for a longer period of time? The fact is that nobody likes it and you need to understand this thing as soon as possible. Improve your page speed and make sure that it loads in no time to make a user more engaging and action-driven.

You can have some online help from different websites like Google’s Page Speed that can give you suggestions on how to improve the page speed.

5 – Engage with others effectively

This is last, but not the least as it is very important to be an extrovert when you want to enhance your SERP. There are many ways you can engage with others in an effective manner and it will surely notice by the Google. Here is a list of ways to get engaged with others:

Blog Commenting

It is a very good way to increase visibility and you will surely get a high ranking by doing high quality blog commenting. There are many websites that enable users to comment on their website and it will surely help you out to enhance SERP.

However, don’t do guest blogging on blogs that are irrelevant to your niche and spammy. Google will not like it and will flag your website.

Once the blog post is written, find websites that are fair, commentluv enabled and write a meaningful comment with the latest links to the blog you have posted on your website and other sites.

Social shares

High social shares mean high traffic is not a case. However, by going for relevant social shares will surely enhance your credibility and it will help to enhance your SERP. Write a blog post that is informative, unique and engaging and just share it on different social sites and you will surely get superlative results. Also, you can go for social bookmarking, which is another useful tool to enhance the rankings.

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