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Content Is King SEO: Is it the Biggest Lie Ever Told in SEO

Content Is King SEO

If you often sit with your friends who are associated with SEO or visit SEO related online forums and discussion threads, you must have witnessed about how an SEO strategy is all about content marketing and backlinks and blah blah blah. Well, we don’t want to demean or discourage your friends who are Google experts, but the underlying question is this: is Content Is King SEO? Is it the only way to boost traffic on your website? My friend, honestly, the answer is blunt no.

What is the truth? Please reveal it!

Well, I don’t mean to say that high quality and original content is not required, it does, but so are some other factors too. When you are designing your SEO strategy, there are many things you need to look out at and content marketing is just a part of it. Just like your national cricket team. A content writing and marketing is just a player of your team, a talented one, but cannot win matches for you singlehandedly.

Here is a list of things you need to optimize when you want to enhance your website traffic

Your most valuable savior- Website on-page and off page optimization

When is the last time you checked your keywords rankings? Well, you should not forget that organic traffic is very important for your website and hence, you need to take some time and optimize your on page and off pages. You can follow Google guidelines and optimize your website by writing on-page and off-page metas with high prioritized keywords and you will see results in some time.

Rewrite Website content frequently

If your website optimization is good enough, you will surely see the boost in the website traffic and you need to check your priority keywords frequently to ensure that you are on a right track.

You need to have original, simple and error-free content on your website that is engaging and meaningful. However, to optimize the website, you need to change the content at regular intervals.

According to a study, there are high chances of your website to rank at the top if you change the content of the website frequently. In addition to that, when you upload fresh content on your website, it will interest your frequent visitors too.

There is no fixed time when to write a fresh content for your website, but you should discuss the same with your SEO team and it will surely work wonders for you.

Social media marketing (SMM) to engage your customers effectively

You cannot skip SMM in your SEO strategy or you are surely driving in a wrong direction, my friend. By optimizing your social media networks, you are surely going to gain more traffic on your website and there are some other benefits of it too. Social Medias are more convenient and comfortable for companies to establish direct communication channels with customers and it will surely help you out in understanding what customers want.

Furthermore, with the help of SMM, you can promote, advertise and market your new offers, sales, product launches and festival offers.

Social networks are considered cost effective and user-friendly mediums to promote your business than other traditional advertising mediums. Also, you can opt for PAY PER CLICK option if you want to promote your products, services or any special festival offers. It works excellently.

Final Words

Hope this article does not make you unenthusiastic about content because the importance of fresh, original and innovative content is crucial for any website optimization and cannot be denied at any cost. However, there are so many other things too that needed to look after. Having a good and optimized website with excellent keyword mapping, effective and engaging social media activities and excellent website content are also very vital for the success of your SEO strategy.

Now you have enough reasons to participate in the discussions about effective SEO techniques with your so called Google expert friends, I hope.


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