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Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Your Brand Growth

2017 Guide: How to Improve Your Brand Growth with These 5 Digital Marketing Tips?

So the February is already started and now it is a time that you think about your business strategy for 2017. Just analyze your strategy and evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Check all the parameters and make a crux and move on. It is a time to make the most out of 2017 and it should be your aim.What are the changes that you need to make in your existing digital marketing campaign? Which are the new things that you need to introduce in the campaign? Well, here is a list of 5 digital marketing tips that will surely help you out in getting your results you have desired.

Rich, informative, relevant and quality content marketing

People generally think about articles when they heard the word- content. Yes, articles are easy to create than videos, infographics, images and other contents, but you need to understand the fact that there are millions of articles are already there on the internet and for a user, a simple infographic explaining things would be of much help than a 2000 word article. The priorities of users are changing and you need to change your content marketing strategy too.

You need to come up with interactive content that are there to stay and motivate users to take actions. High quality backlinks can be generated only through high quality content and you should make sure that you have them.

Ephemeral Content is a new content strategy and it will surely stay here for a while. It is a kind of post that will get removed after a specific period of time. Snapchat has added that feature a long time ago and Instagram too has added it. Well, it sounds a bit risky if your content is going to disappear in 24 hours, but when a user is changing, you need to participate in the game with a change.

Social media strategy- you need to spend more

Well, there are many companies whose digital marketing tips are heavily based on social media organic traffics and they have some genuine followers there too. However, it is not going to work if you just create images, content and other posts and upload them on your Facebook and Twitter pages. According to a Forrester Research, only 16% of followers read the posts on Facebook and on the twitter, the number is 10%.

If you want to enhance your social media marketing effectiveness, paid campaigns are must and it will surely show you results you have aimed for. The whole concept of digital marketing tips is changing and you need to make sure that you change too or you will be left behind.

It may cost you a little, but worth the money you spend as you are getting some superior results.

Are you a mobile friendly?

If you are not, you are surely in a grave danger, my friend. Smart phones have totally captured the market and 4 out of 5 users are using mobiles and soon they will adopt wearables too. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website or an app, you are surely not going to be in the game. Having a responsive website and app is must for you in this digital marketing tips era and you need to give this feature to your clients.

Analytics- make research and predict the behaviours of the clients

As the buying patterns of the people are changing, you need to understand the importance of data analytics and how to cope up with the changing habits of the customers and what they are looking for.When you get personal data and web histories from the customers, you need to analyse the data to design your next strategy. You need to have professionals who can help you out in this thing. They can study the consumer behaviours and responses and predict what they are up to.If you have won this thing, you are surely going to rule in the game.

Videos are there to rule the digital marketing strategies

You believe it or not, people love to see videos rather than reading articles and this trend you need to adopt as soon as possible. According to a research, 72% of total US ad spending will go for mobile ads and in this, the share of high quality and original video content will be much higher. The simple reason is that people love to see them and they love to entertain them.

You can also opt for a live streaming feature just like Facebook and Twitter, but you need to plan accordingly that users can relate to. You can give those demos about your products, arrange question and answer sessions, events backstage broadcasting and many more things.


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