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Women’s trouser suits for a formal occasion

Women’s trouser suits

Women suits don’t have to be boring and basic, you can have a lot of fun with it your formal workwear by adding different colours and styles into your look. Trouser suits can come in many different styles and cuts, not just the plain grey suits. Add a splash of colour and patterns into your look to keep you looking trendy and stylish, even when you are just going to work or to a formal occasion.

What is great about these pieces is that you can wear them to special occasions. Women’s occasion trouser suits can be dressed up with heels and accessories and can be easily work to a special event. Trouser suits are comfortable, stylish and can be worn to almost any setting.

Find your perfect women’s trouser suits

Finding the perfect trouser suits for you depends on what your style is, what you are comfortable in and what the occasion is. If you prefer the basic formal look, then opt for one that is black or a darker colour as these are easier to style. To make it stylish, get trousers that are wide leg or with zip or button details as this adds an extra fun element to the look without going overboard.

If you are looking for suit trousers for a special occasion, look for trousers that are brighter colours as this will stand out more and look more special. Wide leg trousers add a sense of elegance to the whole look so these are a great option. Style these trousers with heels and a blouse for a sophisticated and feminine look. This can be further dressed up with accessories depending on what kind of event it is.

If you are looking for a casual outfit with a smart touch, this can be perfectly created with slim fit trousers and a sweater or t-shirt to add the casual element to the look. This ensemble will make you look put together and stylish, even on your lazy days. But this is still a comfortable look; more comfortable than wearing jeans.

For a trendy look, look for trousers with a unique pattern or different cuts or colours to add some fun into your outfit. These trousers can be paired with trainers or loafers for a laid-back and preppy look.

Our range of women’s trouser suits UK based

Whether you are looking for trouser suits for a formal, casual, plus size women’s trouser suits or trendy look, we have a range of different styles to suit each individual. Here are our range of trousers which are great for all you girls out there.

1. Formal Trousers

These formal trousers are perfect for any style. They are formal, stylish, sophisticated and elegant. These can be easily styled up for a special occasion and for workwear. Alternatively, style these with trainers for a casual look. The bright colour adds some fun into your look without making you the centre of attention. These are definitely an essential in any wardrobe.

2. Straight-cut trousers

This pair of trousers are perfect for a formal occasion. The straight-cut style with the elasticated waist-line ensures that you are kept looking smart and stylish while being comfortable. These trousers are perfect for workwear.

3. Straight leg trousers

These wide grey trousers are perfect for a relaxed day. The wide style makes them ultra-comfortable and easy to wear without having to worry about anything restricting you. The trouser style still makes you look put together and makes it look like you put in a lot more effort than you actually did.

4. Leather wide trousers

If you are looking for trendy trousers, these wide leg leather trousers are for you. The leather like material gives the trousers a unique and edgy look. These can be paired with a formal shirt for a trendy workwear outfit, or with a t shirt for a casual look.

If you have any questions regarding any of our items, feel free to contact our team who will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have; whether it is styling or general questions, we are here for you to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

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