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What’s The Difference Between Towel Rail And Towel Rack?


Branded tower rail brightens the bathroom space.

Before going into the details of tower rail, it is better to analyse the difference between towel rail and towel rack. Some of the main difference between the two is listed below.

  • Towel rail usually comes with single bar whereas towel rack comes with multiple bars.
  • Towel rails come in vertical design, whereas towel rack comes in horizontal layouts. Towel rack has two or more shelves where customers’ can keep dry or wet towels on it.
  • Single bar towel rails can be installed easily whereas multiple bar towel racks installation consumes more time.
  • Model towel racks that are sold in the market come with foldable feature whereas towel rail does not have foldable features.

Homeowners or others that are planning to renovate their bathroom space should think of buying rust-resistant towel rail or towel rack from reputed shops and install the same immediately with the help of certified plumbers. Bathrooms will look showy and attractive when owners install such accessories inside them.

A bathroom is an important place where lots of important activities like bathing, washing and cleaning of clothes takes place frequently. It would be better if you take all measures to transform the looks of the bathrooms by installing branded bathroom furniture, accessories and fittings. It would be best if you never forget to fix branded towel rail or racks since it extracts little space.

Thoroughly inspect the materials used in towel rail

Purchasing colourful and quality towel rail is a fantastic decision which needs appreciation. But selecting the right products from the online shops or market is a complicated task since there are lots of towel racks and rails out there. If you are first time buyer, the first thing you should do is to evaluate the pros and cons of the latest products and take right decision. You should also take into account some of the important factors that are listed below:

  • Materials used during manufacture

Companies which manufacture’s towel racks and rails use materials like stainless steel, plastic, chromium, copper, brass and aluminium. Prices, strength, durability, longevity and warranty, will change according to materials used.

It should be noted that towel rails that are manufactured using stainless steel or other premium materials will not rust for lifetime and customers’ can expect best durability. Whereas towel racks or rails built using different types of inferior quality materials will wear out quickly. Inspect the products physically before ordering from reputed online shops.

  • Reputation and popularity of the brands

You should scale the reputation of the seller and also popularity of the brands that are sold by such trusted sellers. If you are happy with product ratings, reviews and feedbacks and even with the reputation of the seller, go ahead and start buying different types of towel rails or racks from them without hesitation.

  • Pricing of the product and delivery practices

There is wide range of towel rails in the market and price varies from one company to another. Do maximum online and offline research and survey and also explore the aggregator site for cost comparison before taking a proper decision. Check whether the seller is prepared to deliver the products free of cost.

  • Visit nearby shops which sell towel rail or hangers

If you come across popular bathroom fittings or hardware shops which sell towel rails, hangers, towel radiators, faucets and pipe fittings, quickly decide to visit these shops and do window shopping or physically inspect them to get better insight or idea.

Explore the terms and conditions and warranty period

When you are planning to purchase bulk quantities of towel rails or racks, better that you explore the terms and conditions, return policy and money-back policy thoroughly.

If you are living in cold countries like the UK, invest your money in heated towel rails since these products can dry the towels quickly. Check whether the sellers are offering gift coupons, cash-back, gift cards and other such deals. When you purchase rails and rings and other bathroom fittings from e-commerce shops, you will be able to save large chunk of money.

You will be the biggest loser when you buy the above products without exploring the advantages and disadvantages. Verify online shopping directories, reputed shopping sites, social media sites and all other websites which provides detailed and useful information about heated towel rails and racks.

You should stop reading the brand promotion messages which you regularly receive on your mobile phones from unknown sources or shops and always trust on references that you get from close quarters like relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Cost prices of heated towel rails are volatile as always, and sources confirm that rates may increase in the next quarter since there is a huge demand for these types of fastest-selling hangers, rails and racks all over the UK. If you are residing in a locality where there is continuous rains, chillness or snow, decide to purchase heated towel rails since they not only dries-up the towel but also accentuates the sophisticated looks of the bathroom.

Renovating bathrooms improves positive vibes in the home and drives away negativity. You should carefully select bathroom accessories and fittings after exploring the price tags, warranty, guarantee, product descriptions, delivery particulars and cash on delivery options.

If you are active in prominent social networking sites, you can extract the list of reputed shops which are offering lower prices, discounts, deal and offers for bathroom fittings and accessories. You can also chat with various buyers and get feedback about the products that are sold by reputed sellers.

Analyse your budget, size of the bathroom space, number of towel rails required for your bathrooms, colours, designs and shapes. Purchasing aesthetically designed and crafted towel rails or racks will not be a challenging exercise when you do thorough research and analyses. Stop thinking and start buying the towel rails that comes within your budget quickly.

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