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What is the most comfortable style of bathtub?

A brief history of the origin of the bathtub

The luxurious bathroom will brim with beauty when owners install latest model bathtub inside it. Bathtubs which are used by millions of people all over the world are not something new to the market, but it dates back to time immemorial.

Evidence of pottery tubs used by Greece rulers is still seen in Isle of Crete, Greece. This measurement of this tub was around 1.5 metre. Bathtubs gained popularity in the mid18th century in the country of Holland, and after that, it spread to other parts of the world.

Aristocrats, kings, queens and elite people living in England started using contemporary cast iron bathtubs. Only during 1880 a famous inventor David Buick successfully manufactured porcelain enamelled cast-iron bathtubs and started selling throughout the country. Porcelain bathtubs are still successfully selling all over the world, and there is a vast demand for these types of glossy tubs.

During the year 1979, James R Wheeler and his brother Richard in 1979 started manufacturing acrylic bathtubs which became an instant hit throughout the world.

Types of bathtubs which comes in different styles

Bathroom accessories like bathtubs come in various colours, size, designs and brands, and you can decide the best ones based on your budget and requirements. Listed below are some of the fastest-selling bathtubs which are famous in European countries like the UK and other parts of Europe.

But before purchasing the best ones from the online shops or bathroom accessories shops, analyse the pros and cons thoroughly and decide the next course of action based on the inputs.

  • Acrylic bathtub 

If you are planning to renovate the existing bathroom, better install latest fittings like acrylic bathtubs since they are built with sturdy materials. You can comfortably soak your whole body and bath for hours inside in these tubs which come in various stylish colours like pink, white, blue and violet.

  • Whirlpool bathtub

It is worth to note that whirlpool tubs which sees the significant sales during festive season live up to the expectations of the customers. Whirlpool bathtub was first introduced in the year 1960 and later on, it gained popularity throughout the world. If you are suffering from body pain and need complete relief, soak into these tubs for few minutes and enjoy instant relief from stress and pain.

It comes with lots of therapeutic effects and suitable for all types of people. Some of the products which fall under this category are vibra bath unit, Jacuzzi and combination models.

These types of tubs are seen in spas, therapeutic centres, hospitals and pain relief centres.

  • Free stand bathtubs

Homeowners those who are desirous of replacing bathtub or showers in the next few months should apply their mind before purchasing the latest bathtubs. You can find colourful bathtubs like freestanding tubs which are suitable for all ages. Both adults and children will plunge into the bathtub after filling the water.

Customers will get complete information about free stand bathtubs when they explore the online buying guide. Some of the best materials used in these popular tubs are stone resin, cast stone, acrylic, cast iron, fibreglass, and porcelain.

If you are a conscious customer; it is better that you purchase high quality and branded bathtubs which come with warranty, guarantee and other such elements.

  • Hot bathtubs

These types of hot tubs which are popular in western countries have built-in jets which spray hot water from various nozzles. Users can get rid of body pain, stiff neck and stress when they soak their body in these hot tubs which are manufactured with an aesthetic touch. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed once you take hot water bath inside the hot bath tub.

  • Soft bathtubs

Shoppers that are concerned about safety and security features will benefit a lot when they start using soft bathtubs built with utmost perfection and best features. Both elders and children will not slip and fall since it comes with protecting the coating and other safety features. These types of bathtubs are available right from 1970.

Bathrooms are an essential place in the homes and offices which have to be taken care of properly. It would be best if you took maximum efforts to uplift the looks of your bathroom then and there. Install bath screen, stylish furniture, fixtures and fittings so that the bathrooms will get that fresh lease of life.

Explore the reviews and ratings which are posted in online websites before purchasing the best ones. If you are first time buyer, then you should show maximum caution since you will get confused during the time of purchase. Do online research and survey and find out the best among the best bathtubs which are priced nominally.

You should also explore product descriptions, various latest blogs that are related to bathtubs, videos that are posted in social media sites and other informative articles before going ahead. You can also contact experts those who have in-depth knowledge in bathroom fittings and accessories. They will support and guide you properly.
Big size bathtubs take up maximum bathroom space and consume lots of water. So consider buying small tubs which are designed ergonomically. It will not only fulfil your desire but also consumes minimum bathroom space. Check whether bathtubs come with versatile and flexible features which can accommodate both children and adults.

You are a lucky customer when the bathtubs complements well with the colour of the floor and wall. Mobile bathtubs are also becoming favourite choice for the UK citizens since it come with wheels and other stylish features. You can safely keep your baby or children inside mobile bathtubs and carry them to nearest place.

Reputed sellers offer significant discounts, deal, free shipment and other promotional offers. Do not miss these types of big offers, deal and discount and feel for it later. Buying bathtubs during this season is a right decision since you will save lots of money when you order during the month of Christmas.

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