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What are the modern trends in Islamic clothing UK?

Islamic fashion in the high street

The Muslim population around the globe is on the rise. With around 1 billion Muslims in the world, having a modest stylish look is now an important factor in the fashion industry and when considering an outfit for many Muslim women, Islamic Clothing UK, traditionally, usually consists of darker colours and loose-fitting garments such as Abaya’s, a maxi dress and Tunic tops with long sleeves.

Recently, Muslim fashion is no longer just for Muslims as modest fashion enters the runways and into western fashion houses. Combining Islamic women’s clothing with a western interpretation has led to an increase in modest clothing with a contemporary twist. These clothes for women are not only conservative but look fashionable and stylish with a sophisticated touch. Now you see it all over the fashion industry, many models and celebrities dressed modestly.

There is no better way to look modest and fashionable than with a modern and beautiful Abaya that can be styled in various ways for a classy and chic look. Whether you are looking for a high quality, designer Abaya’s or an everyday Abaya, modest wear and Muslim women clothing have now become diverse and easy to get anywhere. It is now easy as online shopping on any UK online sites for a modern Abaya’s. So for all you Muslim women out there, Modest Fashion is a trend that isn’t going anywhere, whether it is Abaya’s or Jilbabs, you can look stylish and modest.

Our range of Islamic clothing UK

We offer a wide range of different modern Islamic clothing items that are perfect for any women out there. If you are looking for trendy Islamic clothing, look no further with our wide range of modest clothing for any style. Here are a few of our favourite items If you are looking for Islamic clothing uk online:

1. Basic zip Abaya

Islamic Clothing UK

This basic zip Abaya is probably one of the most convenient pieces that you will own in your wardrobe. It can easily be thrown on and zipped up for covering up quickly. It has a loose fitting and pockets for extra convenience. This can also be styled open with a dress or trousers and a top underneath for a stylish and modest look. This is a high quality piece so you know that you will get great use out of it.

2. Floral detail AbayaIslamic Clothing UK

A beautiful black Abaya adorned with tissue florals on the upper half. Relaxed ruffles around the neckline and finished with a tassel on each side. Can be worn open or closed and is perfect for any special occasion such as weddings or Eid.

3. Star printed open AbayaIslamic Clothing UK

This block print kimono style Abaya is perfect for a special occasion. This features abstract star prints in green, blue and black on a white background. The back is completely black to tone down the outfit. This also comes with a matching belt to pull the whole look together.

4. Two piece floral AbayaIslamic Clothing UK

An elegant two piece Abaya including a contrast slip. The outer piece is designed with floral embellishments for a fun and feminine look that is perfect for the spring and summer season. The inner slip is plain and can be worn separately as a dress and the outer piece can be worn over any other dress or trousers and a top.

Modest Islamic clothing and much more

Not only do we offer modest clothing, but we have a wide variety of hijab online, Islamic clothing and much more. Make sure you have a look throughout the website for items that can help you in dressing modestly while still being stylish.

When shopping for modest Islamic clothing UK based, make sure you find a clothing store that you can trust the quality of. Having a store locally based will help you in your shopping process as it allows you to call in at a time of convenience and the sizes are accurate based on what you are used to. Being based in the UK, we ensure that all our customers from the UK receive their parcels as soon as possible with no hassle.

If you have any questions about our shipping process, feel free to contact our team who will explain all the terms and conditions to you.

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