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Top 10 Tips on how to Style Your Denim Shirts for Women

These are our top 10 tips on how to style denim shirts for women during the winter season.  

Denim shirts for women are those pieces that will always be trendy and stylish if worn correctly. There are a million different ways in which you can incorporate denim into your look while keeping it winter appropriate.

 1. Denim on denim

The ultimate way of wearing denim shirts is double denim. As intimidating as it may be, pairing a denim shirt with denim jeans looks chic and trendy. Yet, make sure that you don’t overdo it with the denim. Keep with different shades to break it apart and no more than two denim pieces for an outfit.

Want a more formal look? Opt for a structured denim shirt and throw over a tailored blazer for a put together and sophisticated look that can be worn to the office but with an edgy touch.

 3. Acid wash

Another way to wear double denim is by wearing pieces with contrasting acid washes that give the denim pieces’ different hues. This transforms the look and ensures that you are not drowned in denim and gives the look greater structure.

 4. Choose the right fit

There are various fittings when it comes to denim shirts for women. Find the perfect fit for different occasions. If you are going for a formal look, stick to the fitted and thicker material denim shirts. If you are going for a laid-back look, then the oversized, lightweight denim shirts are the best.

There is something about darker denim that eludes sophistication. Chuck over a deeper toned denim shirt over a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket for a classy and put-together look. Look like a style queen with this ensemble.

 6. Accessories

Denim shirts for women are the perfect canvas for accessories. Wear with a chunky statement necklace and heels for a special occasion. Alternatively, wearing a black cross body bag over your denim shirt with a jacket is the perfect everyday look. Might as well use that gift vouchers from your last birthday and find that perfect accessory for your denim look.

 7. Distressed denim

We all know how popular distressed denim jeans have been recent. From a few tears to huge rips were seen all over Instagram. Rather than the extreme distress, opt for a denim shirt with a few distressed detail for a classic look with soft edgy touches.

 8. Details and Accents

Denim shirts with cute and dainty accents and little details give off a feminine vibe. Step it up a notch with details and accents; whether it’s a metallic accent on the collar, pearls along the front or detailed buttons. This is an easy way to style a denim shirt without much hassle.

 9. Layer

Layering is a must during the winter. Layering is made so much easier with denim shirts. Chuck over a knit jumper and keep the collars peeping out, paired with a blazer for a comfortable and formal look. Alternatively, you can wear the denim shirt with a coat and a scarf for an easy put together look.

 10. Open shirt

Wearing a denim shirt open over a top/sweater is the perfect casual look. Opt for an oversized and light-weight denim shirt that is easy to throw over, without restricting you. Not only is an easy way to layer, but also looks like you put in more effort into your outfit than you actually did.

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