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Things To Keep In a Mind Before Hire Luxury Cars UK

When we spend money, wise people say think beforehand, check the worth of the product you are paying for and if it’s a good decision for you then make a decision. However, there more things to consider than just money when purchasing a product or in this case hiring.

Hire Luxury Cars UK

Hiring a luxury car could be one of the most difficult decisions to make when making a budget, its something that just for the day you will own and only for the amount you have actually paid money for after the day is over the car will be returned but your money will not be.With the recent trend, its become compulsory to somewhat hire a luxury car for a wedding or an event, hiring a Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley or even driving a performance car such as Mercedes G63, adds value to the wedding, adds a touch of glamour and we all like our wedding and events to be glamorous.

High Risk

Every luxury car comes with high standards but also high risks, due to the value of the car companies charge accordingly for the day, however, that one day hire price is nowhere near the total amount of the vehicle and neither is the deposit. Companies try to keep costs low, as competition is high, so due to this deposit price will be less and so will be the day higher price, however, the risk that you are taking is taking a £50,000 vehicle for the day and if something goes wrong then, well its down to the driver. Yes, insurance is there, and that covers most of the damages caused, but consider reading the contract beforehand very carefully, ensure yourself the small details that if something does happen to the car what are the charges. Some charges may include, you paying for the time the car is off the road and also the high access.

Furthermore, it is not always the matter of fact that the car has to be written off for you to worry about, sometimes its the small damages that can also affect your pocket, the small minor ones which for our personal cars would not make a huge difference but when driving one of these luxury cars the small damages also cost quite much, for example, alloy damages, can cost anything up to £200 per alloy, all four damaged and that’s £800.


Some people find hiring cars high cost and somewhat a waste of money, spending hundreds of pounds on something that you will never see again is arguably for some, unreasonable. However it’s not only the cost of the hire that you need to consider, its the cost of the petrol in some cars which can really affect your pocket, most companies do not include petrol in the hire agreement, driving a high-performance car such as Mercedes C63 or Mercedes G63 could be quite expensive on a daily basis, where you are spending £20-£25 on a normal car with a 1.2 litre per week, with cars such as the ones mentioned above you could be spending that on a daily basis, depending on the way you drive of course, but still it could something be which is unexpected for yourself when hiring the car.

The pool and spa inspectors at use our luxuries cars and they will give you some miles as allowance for example 100 miles per day, however once gone over these miles it could just be extortionate, this is something you need to consider before hiring such cars, or to ensure you clear this will the hiring company beforehand, to make it clear that you will need more miles they could then accordingly work with the price.

Legal Restrictions

Companies will most probably have age groups which they are allowed to give the cars to, if the company is a well-known company and consider its own reputation most probably they will not take such risks, but ensure as you will be the driver yourself that you have a contract which states you are allowed to drive this car, it has your name and licence details on the contract with the company policies, the last thing you want is to be driving a car which you are under age for.

Hire Luxury Cars UK – In conclusion, there are some things you need to consider before hiring luxury cars, it can be mind boggling but once its all done correctly it really is a pleasure driving one of these luxury cars for the day. Some of these cars aren’t practical to be driving on a daily basis or driving cars such as two seaters like Jaguar f-type, or Ferraris isn’t a car you want to own if you have a large family, however just for the day is perfect, but still something you want to think deep about before making the decision.

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