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Book our Cheap Luxury car Hire London

Cheap Luxury Car Hire London

Luxury Car Hire, is a business which is glamorous, very satisfying on the eye and gives you the thrill of driving one of the luxurious beauties that the business is offering. Most companies are keep the cars in amazing conditions and with the rising competition the prices are just getting lower and lower.

Companies offer many things, low deposits, weekday offers are normally cheaper than weekend, take the car for 3 days and it works out to be so and so, age groups are getting lower, now its easy for a 20 year old to take a car than it may had been lets say a few years back. However there are many downfalls as well, just like every business this business also has the chances of duping a customer, making a customer pay for extra things than they should, however this can be avoided.

Video a car before Hire

When taking a car from a company, it is your responsibility as soon as you sit on the driving seat, put the key in and drive off, as soon as those actions are taken the car is now under your responsibility. However before taking the car it is the company representatives responsibility to take you through the car and to ensure you there are no problems and it is safe to take the car, if there are any damages on the vehicle to make sure they go through the whole car with you. The mistakes that customers can sometimes make, is to trust the company representative so much that they do not look themselves at the car, sometimes too exited to maybe take the car or just being extra trusting. This can be black lash you as when it comes to the time of returning the car, the company can now pick on some scratches and dents that were there before but ow its blamed on you, and according to the contract some money from your deposit will now be deducted.

To avoid this, best thing to do is video the whole car, with the company representative, the company rep shouldn’t have any problem with this and they will also recommend you to do such things as per their customer service. 

Read terms and conditions

Make sure before hiring a car is to read the terms and conditions very carefully, do not follow the words of the representative, when something goes wrong he will too himself put the contract in front of you. Many companies will tell you mileage isn’t a problem and you can do as many miles as you want, however when you go over the mileage limit they will try charging you extra money, sometimes £1 a mile and you’re ending up giving an extra £200 because in the contract which you had signed. Furthermore, find out from the company how much the access is on the car before you take it and ensure this amount is written on the contract, you don’t want to be paying for something that went wrong triple the amount, which the company has to pay to the insurance company.

Age restriction is a huge thing when it comes to car rental, some companies may hide age restrictions from customers just to get the car out, companies can tell customers they are allowed to hire the car, as the car is insured, however if something goes wrong or police had to do checks and find out the driver is under age then the driver could receive up to 6 points and fines. As a driver it is your responsibly to ask the company rep of what is the age restrictions before taking any car out, most companies wont allow such things to happen as it is a risk for themselves too, but this is one thing you need to try avoid.

View before hire

Cheap Luxury Car Hire London – Companies have website, Instagram pages and everything that will make them and their products look amazing, filters do a great job to nearly anything. However on the day of hire, if the cars condition is awful it could just be too late for you to change your car or go to another company. Make sure to view the car before booking and ensure that is the vehicle which would be hired by you on the day, many companies do not take care of their cars, with bumpers having dents and alloys all curbed may not be the idea wedding car for yourself. Companies who strive on customer service will make sure that the car is in excellent condition and the customer is satisfied.

These are some of things you need to avoid before hiring a luxury car, however not every company is such, there are many great reputable companies who make sure these things are done beforehand and cleared out with customers. Companies who have to protect their reputation and quite genuinely like to give an amazing customer service to its customers, will go through every single small details, they will ensure customer reads the small print.

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