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System Boilers: What They Are, How They Work and What They Cost?

System Boiler Improves Central Heating System

The government’s drive to cut down the UK’s carbon footprint has inspired millions of homeowners across Britain to improve their central heating systems.

System boilers are best well-matched to big families with two bathrooms and enough storage space to hold a hot water cylinder or tank. They are suitable for larger homes and properties that need large quantities of water.

Modern boilers are much more energy-efficient than conventional boilers and can help in saving hundreds of pounds on your utility bills.

System boilers need a separate cylinder to store hot water; however, the central heating and hot water system parts are assembled and built into the boiler itself, making it easier and quicker to install. It doesn’t require a cold-water storage tank too.

Moreover, there is no call for storage tanks in the loft, so it can be a perfect option for a home with little or no loft space, or where the space is kept for a conversion.

System boilers are also suitable for solar water heating systems, which gives lower energy bills as well as environmental benefits. Before investing in a new system boiler, it is vital to consider certain factors.

Pressurised system boilers are also commonly known as ‘sealed system boilers’ and are suitable for providing water to multiple users all together without dropping any water pressure.

Apart from being more economical to run than standard boilers, they also occupy less space.

System Boiler: Its Working

In system boilers, the water is directly taken from the mains and heated in a single storage cylinder. This water is further supplied to taps, radiators, and showers. Thus, the hot water is supplied on demand almost instantly.

The only downside is that hot water cylinders can store only a specific amount of hot water at any one time. This can eventually lead to a shortage of hot water when taking a shower or running a bath if plenty of water has been consumed over a short break of time.

System Boiler: Its Cost

There are several pressurised system boilers available on the market. The price of system boilers varies depending on the manufacturer, model and also size in kW. They can cost anywhere amid £500 and £3,500.

The installation cost of a system boiler in your home also differ from one installation company to the next.

How System Boiler is Different from Other Boilers?

System Boiler vs Condensing Boiler

System boilers and condensing boilers, or combination or combi-boilers are quite similar in the aspect that they both deliver water from the mains. But there are some noteworthy differences between the two boilers that one should be aware of.

For smaller homes, condensing boilers are best suited. They don’t take up as much space since they are much smaller than system boilers. A combination boiler is compact enough to fit perfectly under the stairs or into a kitchen cupboard.

Whereas, a system boiler requires a separate cylinder or tank for holding and heating the water. This still means you can obtain hot water on demand, but the units consume more space.

The plus of a system boiler is that many users can get and use the hot water at the same time. With a combination boiler, a shower will drop power and heat on running water from a tap. Turning the tap on, the boiler is activated into action and it heats the water in a heat exchanger, for on-demand hot water instantly.

Combi boilers also give out priority to hot water, so your radiator might suffer heat loss at the same time when the bath or shower is running. System boilers can maintain both the water as well as the radiators without losing pressure.

System boilers don’t focus on where heat is supplied. However, they can finish off the hot water if you consume more than stored in the hot water tank.

System Boiler vs Regular Boiler

System boilers and regular boilers are better compatible with larger homes, and while both have advantages and disadvantages, there are some significant differences you should be aware of.

The key difference is that there is only one tank in system boilers which is used for heating the hot water. Regular boilers, or popularly known as heat-onlyboilers, require a second tank for storing cold water.

Though regular boilers demand extra storage space, they have a plus over system boilers so that there is no shortage of hot water. Heat-only boilers constantly obtain water from a cold-water tank to ensure the hot water is always full.

In contrast, system boilers help in saving space and don’t have the danger of tanks fixed in the garage or loft freezing up when temperatures strike below zero.

Regular boilers are better compatible with houses having conventional heating systems installed, even though they do take a bit longer to install than system boilers. Next, the cost of installation and repair is usually higher than system boilers.

System Boiler: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of system boiler include—

ü  Instant access to hot water

ü  Easy to install and operate

ü  Saves space in garage or loft

ü  Takes water directly from mains

ü  Hot water available to multiple users at the same time

ü  Suitable with solar-panel heating systems

ü  Ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms

ü  Economical to run

Disadvantages of system boiler include—

ü  Storage space has to be big enough to fit a hot water cylinder

ü  Not suitable for an old heating system

ü  Risk of running out of hot water

Popular System Boiler Brands Available at My Bubble Bath

At My Bubble Bath, we stock a wide range of system boilers from some of the industry-leading brands, and we have the expertise and experience essential to help you make the best choice when choosing boiler for your home.

The brand you pick could have an effect on factors including your installation price, so it’s always best to consider makers when making your decision. Brands we offer include:

Vaillant- Vaillant is one of the industry’s leading brands and has been building heating solutions for several years. Vaillant has been providing heating solutions for households for more than 140 years. Regarded by many as an industry leader, this brand is usually recognized as a forerunner of the combi boiler.

They manufacture best-quality boilers with reliability and energy-efficiency in mind. The brand continues to create boilers that could both efficiently and effectively fulfil homeowner needs.

Their boilers that are easy to install, use and maintain, and they make every effort to meet customer requirements across the globe.

My Bubble Bath offers a wide range of system boilers from market-leading brands, available in different budgets, sizes and specifications to meet every home owner’s need for heating solutions!

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