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Fitted Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Fitted Bathroom Furniture for a Coordinated Bathroom Look

Getting the right piece of furniture in any room is important, but especially in your bathroom. A piece of furniture can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. You need to find the right balance between cost, style, storage capacity and fitting the furniture into the shape, size and design of your bathroom.

Your bathroom furniture also has to be durable and long-lasting to safeguard it from any dampness and splashes.

More popularly found in kitchens, nowadays fitted furniture is becoming an increasingly popular choice for bathrooms. Fitted bathroom furniture is a stylish, sleek and space-enhancing way to add some extra storage space in your home.

What makes a fitted bathroom different?

Usually, the basic bathroom layout consists of, at the least, a basin and a bath, a toilet, shower or shower bath. Generally, all these elements are placed separate to another, but are bought as a matching bathroom suite, for a synchronized look.

However, having insufficient space is one of the most common reasons behind dissatisfaction within the home, there is an ever-increasing pressure to design extra storage space wherever possible.

The growing need for additional storage leads to buying bathroom furniture, but without a well-matched design and plan, bathroom furniture can simply look tacked on and somewhat out of place.

Things to Consider When Buying Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Adding bathroom furniture can offer all sorts of benefits, from creating a stylish and coordinated look to adding practical and efficient storage.

But with ample of different materials and styles available in the market, it can be quite challenging to decide what to choose, and what will work out in your bathroom.

This blog will help you buy the right fitted bathroom furniture. We have shared a few things to consider when looking for the fitted furniture for bathroom—

  1. Size and Positioning

Before starting to look at the different types of bathroom furniture, it’s important to get a fair idea of the available space, and figure out where exactly you want to fit the furniture. Having exact measurements of the length, width and height of your bathroom is important, and also the location of any utilities such as power supplies and mains water. Make a floor plan of your bathroom to see where furniture might fit perfectly, and make sure the doors have sufficient space to be opened comfortably.

Big units will look stylish and provide extra storage space, but make sure that pathways into and within the bathroom are clear. A cloakroom or a smaller bathroom does not mean having to compromise on bathroom furniture. Space-saving options such as wall-hung storage units, slimline units and cloakroom basin and toilet units will offer much-needed storage in the smallest of spaces.

  1. Style

Choosing the style of the furniture is essential to coordinate and complement the overall look of the bathroom. My Bubble Bath’s range includes traditional, modern as well as a contemporary option available at a choice of sizes, designs, colors and finishes.

Traditional Bathroom Furniture comes in classic antiquated, vintage styles and is fantastic to design a period-themed bathroom.

Modern bathroom furniture is generally designed with modern users in mind and comes in definite, sleeker design.

Contemporary bathroom furniture is frequently revolutionizing to reflect the best-selling designs of modern trends.

If you have a more traditional style of bathroom, something like the Sharaton Stone Grey Traditional 465mm Freestanding Tall Boy Storage Unit would be perfect. For something more modern, but still with a bit of impact, you could go for the Cali bathroom furniture range, offering a wall-mounted basin with drawers, and a back to wall toilet unit with the same sleek and stylish finish.

  1. Furniture Material

When choosing your new bathroom furniture, the different types of materials available to pick from can be wide-ranging. The majority of bathroom cabinets will consist of wood material of some type, including—

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC): It consists of a melamine resin material attached to chipboard. Due to its tough outer finish, Melamine board is an extremely robust material and can be cleaned very quickly easily. It is ideal for use in a rented or secondary bathroom.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): It is one of the most commonly used material in making quality bathroom furniture. It consists of offcuts and waste from other wood creation processes mixed with glues and binders and then hard-pressed together. MDF comes in a stunning variety of colors and finishes, and is resistant to humidity, temperature changes, and also to warping.

Solid Wood: If you are looking to give your bathroom a premium, stylish look and finish, look no further than solid wood. The natural charm of walnut or oak is often enriched using colors and paints that uncover the grain. If treated and manufactured correctly, heavy and substantial, solid wood furniture can last decades. The beauty of real wood demands additional care to make sure it is not unprotected to high humidity or quickly changing temperatures.

  1. Assembly and Fitting

Our bathroom furniture is delivered to you in a pre-assembled format, and shipped by a two-person delivery team to the desired address. This ensures a speedier and damage-free setup, saving you hours of time involved in furniture assembly.

  1. Furniture Shape and Color

The range of bathroom furniture is available in several shapes, from square, rectangular, round to oval basin units, corner vanity units, P-shaped, L-shaped bathroom suites and much more. There is a diversity of shapes to suit your bathroom space, style and look.

Bathroom furniture comes in a variety of colors ranging from calming neutrals to bright hues. You can go for something bold for a color pattern that wows or choose for subtle colors to create a calm and serene feel.

  • Neutral tones such as ivory and cream add warmth to the bathroom and create a sense of serenity.
  • Pastel colors are perfect if you don’t want something too bold.
  • White is an ideal option for creating a fresh, contemporary look and can complement any color of your choice to add a touch of color.
  • Black furniture can add a designer look to your bathroom, and undoubtedly a black and white scheme is a classic combination.
  • Grey has become a popular choice for the bathroom nowadays, and it’s perfect for creating a cool, trendy look. It can seamlessly complement other colors such as pink, green and yellow too.

Besides colors, you can choose between various textures and finishes, including gloss, wood and matte. Gloss and matte finishes create a stylish, contemporary look, whereas wood effect textures add classiness and have a timeless charm.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture— Which Products to Choose?

The best thing about fitted bathroom furniture is that you can choose and mix products to meet both your and your bathroom requirements. Here are some of the main essentials of a fitted bathroom which you can choose for your bathroom-

Vanity unit and basin

Bring a semi recessed basin together with a storage unit to make a beautiful vanity unit that goes well with the rest of your bathroom look. Moreover, having an under-sink storage, helps in maximizing space to organize your bath essentials.

Storage units

Storage is the vital element in fitted bathrooms and you need at least one storage unit to organize your toiletries and cleaning products. You can further expand your storage space to a tall cabinet, providing enough space for spare linens, towels or even clothing.

Wall hung units

If you have a small bathroom or cloakroom, you can go for wall hung units to get ample storage space while freeing up the floor space for easy cleaning and maintenance. Wall hung bathroom units fit impeccable with your overall bathroom look and style whilst giving an easily accessible place for towels, toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

Back to wall toilet unit

With the cistern tidily covered behind a panel, your back to wall toilet mounts flawlessly into the design. Your countertop can then stay undisturbed across the top of this unit for a good-looking design. Obviously, you can then choose a suitable back to wall toilet that matches your tastes.

Bath panels

With our exclusive range of fitted furniture for bathroom, you can even buy matching bath panels for a fully coordinated look.

Buy Exclusive Fitted Bathroom Furniture Only at My Bubble Bath

Shop at My Bubble Bath to introduce the storage that will make your bathroom a peaceful and well-organized space and look stylish to boot.

Over the time, bathroom furniture’s moved on a long way from the basic cabinet on the wall to now providing efficient storage with good looking designs.

Fitted furniture is a space-efficient way to stuff bathroom storage without making the room feel overcrowded. It can also create the aesthetic you want, whether that’s a more classic and traditional look, or sleek and modern.

It is a furniture that is custom-fitted to your bathroom design and shape. If you want to give your bathroom a clean designer look with a touch of style, choose fitted bathroom furniture from our exclusive range and create a differentiated bathroom look.

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