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How Secure is our Data in Online Cloud Backup Services?

There is no doubt in regarding business data as the most vulnerable and important digital asset. From individuals to business tycoons, copies of the data have their own importance. Seeing the importance of data security, a user has the legitimate right to raise concerns about the security of their data in the online cloud backup solution. But reviews and customer feedback suggest that cloud backups are as safe as any other online storage platform. But for this, it is mandatory that the user should take necessary precautionary measures.

Upon checking with the major cloud backup service provider, it was found that they employ an encryption algorithm to protect the user’s data on the cloud network. This encryption is done through a secure socket layer internet connectivity, commonly known as SSL. These files remain encrypted as long as users want them to reside on the cloud network.

A user can rely on the data encryption because cloud services use an invulnerable encryption algorithm, mostly either AES or Blowfish. These encryption algorithms make sure that data remain inaccessible without the input of the encryption key. Some people question how can data be secured with the enactment of encryption, especially when the service provider will have access to the data or knows about the user’s personalized encryption key? Well! Realistically speaking this is not the case. The service provider does not have any access to the user’s encryption key. The privacy of the user’s data is always kept a top priority and that’s the reason that only the user has access to the data uploaded in the cloud.

How Cloud Backup Services are Secure?

Keeping in view digital vulnerabilitiescloud service providers employ multi-layered security to protect user’s data. The following are some of the summarised points that will further explain the security level of data on cloud networks.

Additional Safety

There are a lot of risks if someone has saved his or her data on an external hard drive or tape drive and haven’t prepared backups. There can be many situations like an operating system or hard drive failure, accidental deletion, data corruption or power surge, where data can be lost temporarily or permanently.

In such circumstances, online cloud backup services, doing incremental backups or full backups, are nothing less than a blessing in the disguise. By having cloud stored backups, users can stay assured that their data will remain protected and nothing can hamper their access to the important data.

Encryption Technology

Despite being ultra-secure, many people misunderstand online backup services for having zero or low standard data protection. But in reality, it is not true. The best online data backup solutions employ twice as secure encryption as prominent payment vendors like PayPal and Mastercard employ. Generally, mainstream payment gateways use 128-bit encryption algorithms to ensure safe and sound financial transactions. On the other hand, best online backup services use a 256-bit efficient encryption algorithm. This is the reason they are so sure in making claims that nothing can hinder the integrity of the user data and there will be no data loss on their servers.

It must be noted that this encryption is not only done when data is stored on the cloud network, but also the encryption algorithm will be applied during uploading the data on the cloud storage and downloading from there to the recipient device.

Physical Security of the Cloud Backup Servers

Best cloud backup vendors not only invest in making their networks secure, but they also invest in ensuring state of the art physical security of their data centers. Their data center building is well guarded, has restricted access for unauthorized people and access points are vigorously checked. Not only server vicinity is under contagious surveillance, but the server equipment, server racks, and all other disk drives are also meticulously locked.

The data centers will be physically secured and are designed while keeping in view any possible emergency or calamity. For instance, nearly all of the server rooms are equipped with adequate cooling mechanisms to save hardware from getting heat up and from any possible harm due to this internal heating. They also have an uninterrupted power supply to let them ace through any situation of a power outage. Such measures tell that cloud service providers understand the importance of data for the end-user and take every possible step to let their clients access data hassle-free.

Multiple Hard disks and Locations

Top online backup service providers usually manage multiple data servers at various geographical locations. User’s files and folders will be copied to at least one other hard disk at a different location and so does the server. In this way, they ensure data redundancy and make sure that irrespective of any technical or natural issue, users should always be able to access their data.

Reliability of Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup services are highly reliable when it comes to data security, privacy and long-term remote data storage. Checking reliability is basically a sort of pre-application step, but if someone is looking forward to having his or her backup copies safe on the cloud network, this step is mandatory to be taken into account. So, in order to do so, one should properly check the reputation and service review of the cloud service provider. It is mandatory to check their background that when did they started their operation and how many clients do they have. This is important in assessing the market cover as well as the technical capabilities of the cloud backup firm.

It is always recommended to choose the firm which has good market standing and has been in this cloud business for long. By this not only can users stay assured that their investment in data backups and security will give them valuable outcomes, but it is also important to let the users enjoy world-class cloud backup services.

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