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Online Backup Solutions for Home

Data Storage Backup & Recovery Online Backup Solutions for Home

In past backups were typed on typewriters and that was followed by photocopies. Technology brought the computer revolution and document backups went into local hard drives but things further improved and we switched over to cloud backup. Now we talk about storage capacity and storage access and the management of storage access and that how safe the backups are. All the time computers are generating a lot of data and are sending this for backup for future recovery and usage. There are many companies who solely depend on their data. For them availability and recovery of their data is top priority and their life line. Not only businesses but the computers at home too, are sending their files to locations from where they do can such things as sharing which gives a new dimension to data accessibility and dependability of backup systems. This has made backup solutions more critical to be in place for users to protect their data. Thanks to emerging technologies, now things have improved a lot and these solutions are smartly approachable, reliable and very economical to use. Why online data safety and backup is important, there are some concrete reasons:

  1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for cloud backups. Data recovery and solutions for restoration are very economical and we do not need to buy expensive and special equipment for Online Backup. The cloud environment integrates with our home computers for file location and making backups onto off site data centers where experts look after the data professionally resulting in a very low TCO. In past we used to buy tape drives and tapes for backups and keep them religiously safe.
  2. For this online backup the reliability and recovery speed has considerably improved because the system itself is reliable as well as rapid and backup and its recovery can be done instantaneously regardless of user’s location. The online backup centers are managed by professionals and users can easily establish RTO and RPO as they may feel convenient.
  3. Secure transfer of files is made possible and hassle free because the files are encrypted before they travel to the cloud and they remain the same way as long as they reside there. The user keeps the key to decryption of files.
  4. Home users enjoy an online backup solution because of its simplicity, ease of use and simple administration. These solutions are unobtrusive as well as transparent. This “No Headache” solution is good and usually one doesn’t have to be an expert in computers to get it setup.
  5. Even if one is not a computer pro but can use these resources smartly. The user can easily handle issues if a problem pops up. This wonderful scalability automatically makes the use of computers easier and consequently simple to have an online backup solution.
  6. The current online backup solutions are a smart functionality compared to recently depleted tape backups which were slow for data recovery and its inability to access from offsite locations directly.

One should talk to colleagues and users of online backup solutions to be clear about convenience, reliability, dependability and economics of the solution.

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