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How to style a Women’s Embroidered Shirt?

How to style women’s embroidered shirt

Women’s Embroidered shirt are probably one of the easiest pieces to style, but the embroidery adds a whole new element that makes the outfit look like you put in a lot of effort to style and put together. These shirts can be worn on a casual day, for workwear or for a get together. It is versatile and can be styled in various different ways. What more could you want from a shirt?

Here are a few of our tips and tricks to get the most out of you women’s embroidered shirt and how to wear it for different occasions.

1. Opt for an embroidered shirt that is a neutral colour so that you can pair this with various different items without having to worry about anything clashing. This makes it easier to wear with different outfits and can be a staple piece.

2. Make sure that the embroidery isn’t too overpowering. This can make your outfit look messy. It is all about the delicate touches of detail that is the difference between a put together outfit and a messy outfit.

3. If you are one of the modest girls out there, get a top that is fully covered so you don’t have to worry about what to wear over or underneath it as this can ruin the design which can ruin the look of the shirt.

Our range of women’s embroidered shirt

We offer a wide range of different styled shirts, including embroidered t-shirt women style and formal embroidered shirts. Here are our top pieces which are perfect for any wardrobe and can be styled in different ways.

1.Embroidered shoulder shirt


This basic long-sleeve button up shirt tunic with colourful floral daisy embroidery on the shoulders is perfect for any occasion. This elegant and stylish top is perfect for wherever you may be going. This can be dressed up for a special occasion or be styled down with jeans for an everyday cute outfit. The floral detail adds a touch of femininity to the look without going overboard. The neutral colour makes it easy to wear without having to worry about clashing with different colours. This is great for workwear as it is an embroidered collar shirt women style, which makes it perfect for formal wear.

2.Frilled shirt

This everyday stylish shirt with colourful floral embroidered shoulders and a frill layer is perfect for a casual day. It is easy to wear and style, making it a go to piece. With simple long sleeves and a casual fit, this everyday piece can be styled with skinny jeans or leggings and boots for a laid-back, casual look. The long length makes it perfect for modest wear and the ruffles add a fun element to the look.

3.Daisy embroidered shirt

Add a formal touch to your casual wardrobe and a splash of colour with this short style floral embroidered shirt. Featuring floral embroidery, this stylish and light-weight shirt makes it easy to layer and create different looks. The shirt style contrasted with the laid back fit keeps your outfit looking put together without trying too hard. The colourful daisies make it perfect for the spring/summer season as they add some bright colours to your look.

4.Embroidered shirt dress

For those girly girls out there, this embroidered shirt dress is perfect for you. The floral embroidered detail across the dress gives a feminine and classy touch and transforms a basic piece into a stylish outfit. The shirt style dress makes it perfect for workwear or for a semi-formal look.

Women’s embroidered denim shirts

If you are looking for a casual outfit that incorporated embroidered, then opt for an embroidered denim shirt women’s style for a casual and feminine look.

5.Denim embroidered shirt

denim shirt is essential in any wardrobe. This denim shirt with floral embroidered across the shoulders transforms this basic piece into a stylish and feminine piece. This cute denim shirt with bright colourful floral embroidery can be paired with some light coloured denim jeans for a bold double denim look, or alternatively, pair with some casual trousers for a chic and stylish look for any casual lunch and outings.

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