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How to Own Street Style with Longline T-shirt? (The Right Way)

One of the pieces that are currently on the trend is the longline t-shirt. Some think of it as over-hyped and unappealing, while some have regarded it as modish and fashion forward. Today, longline has become a big trend for men as a comfy, elegant look.

The Longline T-shirt – A little trend that’s here to stay for long!

Longline is a pretty new name in the fashion world. It describes clothing garments that are usually longer in length than usual ones. In many cases, it is not necessary that it is both longer along with the oversized pattern. It entirely depends on your personal style and preference.

Perfect with skinny or slim chinos and jeans, Men’s longline t-shirt can give a completely new edge to your look that’s different to the combo of plain tees and denim. It can make you stand out from the crowd. An inspiration taken from streetwear clothing, it has surged in popularity recently, especially given Kanye West’s fondness for wearing longline tees, longline t-shirts and shirts frequently.

Whether the anti-fit style is your fad or not, the longline trend is here to stay for long and asserting ignorance – to the long, is simply plain wrong.

Here are a few ways to style Longline t-shirts with panache-

Keep it Simple.

When you are confused, or doubtful, keep it simple. Similar to everything else in fashion too doing excess in the chorus is actually a foremost ersatz pas. So, when you are new to try out this new style, it’s better to start slow and simple. It’s advisable not to go with a highly experimental look at first. Start off at the bottom, with a simple longline or oversized t-shirt in a colour that looks complimenting on you. Wear it with regular or tight fit bottom-wear like chinos or jeans, and pair it with dashing sneakers. To give a strict casual and simple look, it’s very important to pair it rightly in order to create a flattering look.

Keep The Balance Perfect.

The secret to styling longline pieces is putting them on the front line, letting their overstated shape to take inside middle point while the rest of your appearance keeps secrete. Don’t make mistake to oversize everything.

Try keeping your trousers, chinos or jeans as slim as possible when wearing the longline t-shirt or tees. Anything wider in the lower leg can create an ugly look. So, just put an oversized T-shirt and pair them up with your skinny jeans. Pair it with some bloating wide-legged pants and bam, its bang time.

If you are vertically challenged, it is even more important to balance. Avoid curbing your legs by marsh them with an edge that falls downwards. Rather, try wearing urban clothing for men to beat the trend without losing out valuable inches.

Longline is simply all about layering and drawing out the top half of your body. For the short men, try keeping the cut of longline slim so that the length doesn’t repress you.

One is Better

If you are new to longline fashion, hoof it carefully. A popular saying-“Too many cooks spoil the broth”, it goes same with the longline. Multiple pieces of the longline look will simply ruin your effort for a classy look. This is especially true if you’re using Longline to create a layered look. Wear a branded longline t-shirt by pairing it up with Bomber jacket and Denim. Teaming longline t-shirt with loose pants will make you turn heads for all the poor reasons. Longline goes well with one piece at a time.

Oversized Isn’t Always Office-Friendly

The real charm of longline piece lies in its power to add in some effortless and notable swag into your look. That means it’s probably not going to help you win bonus.

That’s doesn’t mean it won’t work for somewhat more dressed-up off-duty events. If you are going out for a date night, you can wear a shirt layered under a longline jacket for a stylish look that states you are fashionable enough without taking yourself too seriously.

It All Lies in the Fabrics

As a key rule of thumb, cotton and synthetics suit quite fine to longline pieces down to their drape and stretch. Though, linen and denim too can be fashioned to make clothes with more staged drops.

Avoid fabric like ribbed fabrics, corduroy and textured weaves along with another type of fussy materials.

To Be the Best, Learn From the Best

Earlier it wasn’t feasible to easily understand or get into trends. But today, this is not a problem; you are just a click away from exploring anything to everything. When you want to dip your foot into new trends and want to give it a try, you can always explore about it and find out insight from the best of the best about styling and then pick the one that you think suits best for you. So, why take a dreamlike pas fall when you can discover from the best!

Be Confident About Your Look

Whenever you try out new fashion, it is very important to have confidence. Because if you’re unsure about your looks, it will be shown in your poise and attitude. No matter how trendy or staggering clothes you don, poor confidence will ruin everything. This vogue forms a vital part of the urban clothing and designer streetwear style. It needs to be carried with the same attitude and style. That’s why London streetwear and Longline t-shirts men are extremely popular and in style among the pop culture and hip-hop horde. So, get one today for yourself!

End Note

Wearing a longline t-shirt or shirt need not be as restrictive as people usually think when it comes to styling. It gives you the flexibility to try out a few unique looks. If you like, you can trial a formal twist with the longlines.

Make sure to keep your t-shirt slim line, long enough in the arm. If you correctly pull off this unique trend you can fashion a series of contemporary outfits that can mix up smoothly with more traditional looks. Moreover, it will help you catch the eye even when donning a simple outfit.

So, now that you know the style enough, time to cut the first turf and try on longline t-shirt!

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