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Game with These 3 SEO Ranking Factors?

The Game is Changing: How to Stay on Top of the Game with These 3 SEO Ranking Factors?

The New Year has started and it is the time that you design your SEO strategy and look out for new and promising things. Leave aside all the things happened in 2016 and make a fresh start. There are so many possibilities lying for your business and all you need to do is to grab them with a right, effective and well-researched SEO strategy. So what are the things that you need to focus on this year? What are those factors that will determine your SEO strategy? Well, here are the answers. Here, we have illustrated three most important SEO ranking factors that will direct your SEO path in 2017. Stay with us

HTTPS is the right word


Now you will say that we already know that the rankings will automatically improve as Google favour all the web addresses that have migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. Yes, you have heard it right. This is the core factor why you should migrate to HTTPS. Google gives ranking incentives to the encrypted websites. However, it is not just that. There are many other things that will motivate you to migrate you from HTTP to HTTPS.

What is a green and red notice?

You must have noticed that when you open any website with HTTPS, you will see the green padlock that tells users that a website is safe to visit. You will be surprised to know that web browsers are also discriminating against non-securing sites and it is an actual worry for you if you have an HTTP address for you.

It’s all about trust

According to the reports, from January 2017, the Google Chrome will show a red not-secured notice to the upper left side of the web address bar and it will surely speak a lot to your potential customers. First of all, the confidence issue will arise and it is something that you need to address immediately to prevent any damage control. It is not that much time and money consuming matter. All you need to do is to tell your website developer about it and he will do the same.

Be a mobile friendly


As the number of smart phone users is increasing with each passing day, you cannot just imagine your SEO ranking factors strategy without a mobile friendly website. If you are an SEO enthusiast, you must remember that in 2014, Google has demoted sites that were not mobile responsive and it was a massive step that has obliged businesses to come up with responsive websites that look fine on the smart phones.

What do you need to do?

The behaviour patterns of the consumers are changing and you need to cope with it to get a competitive advantage. According to the reports, Google algorithm will give more emphasis on the content of the mobile version than a desktop version and it is something that you need to understand. All you need to do is to make the mobile responsive sites with the same primary content as in the desktop version and that is all.

If the content on the both the versions is different, you need to make some changes. First of all, make structured data is same in both the versions and you can test Robots.txt file to see the mobile version of the site.

Content is the king

Why everyone says so?

Well, this rephrase seems odd as you will read it anywhere and you surely get annoyed with it, but that is true, especially in the SEO ranking factors strategy. You need to make sure that your content is- in a simple word- comprehensive.

Content writing methodologies

There was a time when writers used to write web content and articles based on keywords and the content was more sophisticated and less natural. Well, the scenario is changing and nowadays, people are coming up with relevant, natural and engaging content.

What has changed?

According to a study by Searchmetrics, just 53% of the top 20 queries have keywords in their title tag, and less than 40% of landing pages have keywords in their H1. What does it mean? It means that Google is giving more priority to relevant and natural content than keyword-driven content.

To sum up

The above mentioned three factors are something that you need to focus on and you will see surprising results. Being an SEO expert, you need to ensure that you practice right and read a lot about rules and guidelines by the Google.

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