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Everything You Need to Know about Penguin 4.0

Google Penguin 4.0

Do you remember the way people or in a ruthless way, so called SEO professionals, from SEO community used to rank their websites in a day or two using the link spam models? There was a time people searched for something in New York and got results about Brazil. In addition to that, people stopped trusting Google and used other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Well, there was a high time for Google to stop those illegal practices and hence, he came up with penguin and panda algorithms in 2012. There were people out there who were horrified and shocked, but well, crime never pays.

Penguin was introduced to prevent those spamming techniques and well, it has served the core purpose and that too brilliantly. Recently, Google penguin 4.0 update was launched in September 2016 and if you are clueless about it or have little information about the same, we are here to help you out. According to a study, 59% people from SEO industry believe that it will be beneficial for the industry. Here is a list of things you need to know about penguin 4.0.

Ignorance of link spam model completely

This is something you need to be happy about. Google penguin update does not entertain link spam Even temporarily. So, they will not be able to get rankings no matter what. So if you are a genuine SEO professional, you can be happy and smile.

Recover penalized pages and sites faster

Earlier, penguin updates have penalized your entire website even if the spammed links were present on one page only. Furthermore, you would have to wait for months to retrieve your website when the Google penguin refreshed. Your domain would plummet through the SERPs even if your most of your website was spam free. This will not happen with this new penguin update and also, you will be able to recover your pages and sites faster.

Now, penguin works in real time and your site penalties will be incurred or lifted whenever Google crawls and reindexies a page. So gone are the days when you used to wait for months to make your website penalty free.

Also, due to penguin update being more granular, Google algorithm will not penalize your entire website, but only spammed pages. If any of page has spammed links, it will bury the page in SERPs, not the entire website in Google algorithm.

What to do with Google’s disavow links tool?

It was a sweetheart for you when you had any types of link problems. The disavow links model was used to fix the link problems. However, you don’t need to use disavow bad links as there will be no penalties on spammed links.

However, in case your website has got a manual penalty as it has violated Google’s guidelines, you can use disavow links tool to get out of that penalty.

So even if the new penguin update is here, your disavow links tool is important and useful for you. You can check and detect the websites that are penalized manually with the new penguin algorithm and Google algorithm.

The Quality of links are very important for your website

Only one thing that can work wonders for you is the original and quality relevant content and original and quality backlinks. It will help you to pass in the core Google algorithm and you will be able to see flourishing rankings on the Google.


The introduction of the penguin algorithm was to help genuine SEO who were working as per Google’s guidelines and to stop spamming and it has shown some fruitful results. Let’s hope that best and transparent SEO practices and campaigns will take place so that clients won’t have to suffer.

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