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Find Out How Online Backup Can Save You Time and Money

Anyone who has ever used a computer to complete a task knows the value of the auto save feature integrated in MS Word. Such a person is also adeptly familiar with the frustration that follows when a computer crashes just before saving a 10-page document. In as much as technology has simplified our life it is not fail proof. Sometimes when it is coupled with human error this failure can be disastrous, to say the least. Auto Saving and online backup have one thing in common; they are both designed to counter such technical mishaps.

In my opinion, online backup is one of the most revolutionary ideas of the 21st century.

I mean other than Facebook or WhatsApp. The idea of knowing that all your data, files, projects, iTunes collections etc are safely tucked away in an offsite facility has this soothing and reassuring effect. With a good online backup plan, you don’t need to schedule alarms for reminding you to make daily copies of your Master’s thesis. As a manager, online backup relieves you the responsibility of having to remind your personnel daily to backup the company’s data logs. You can rest assured that even in the event of a catastrophe, your servers will be up and running the following day.

Online backup is even more beneficial to a personal computer user. If you’re a movie or an X-box addict like me, then you are probably conversant with the annoying pop-up “Sorry, your hard disk is almost full.” I always find it costly and a blatant wastage of resources to buy multiple hard disks to store my files whereas I could simply subscribe a single account and store all my media in one place. Whereas with onsite backup it may take hours to search for a single file, online backup makes it possible for one to look up any piece of data stored, within fractions of seconds. Such streamlining and fluidity becomes even more convenient with a larger collection.

Another added advantage of online backup is the enhanced security of the encrypted contents. As a personal computer user, one of your major constant insecurities is losing your laptop or smartphone. The fear grows more virile if you have sensitive data stored on your machine. Online backup, however, is used to minimize part of that risk. By securing your online backup account with a unique password, your files remain secure and intact regardless of who is in possession of your computing gadgets.

A wide variety of online backup services are available today. Choosing one suited for your storage demands doesn’t have to be challenging or confusing at all. Most of them will offer different storage spaces at different subscriptions. A rule of thumb is that you require twice as much subscription storage space as the file capacity you intend to backup. This means that if you need to backup 100 Gigabytes of files, then you should at least subscribe to over 200 Gigabytes of online storage. This easily allows you to run advanced online backup features such as auto-backup and scheduled backup, with a high level of flexibility.

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