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Cloud Backup Solutions for Home and Business

Since the inception of cloud computing, cloud backup solutions have gained unprecedented popularity. A backup plan is a great way to ensure data protection for both businesses and domestic users. No one wants to come across the situation where important data gets lost. There is no doubt in stating that backup solutions have got shiner polish with the integration of cloud technology.

Cloud backup services are an essential gateway to secure and convenient backups. They provide stern protection of data against various cyber-attacks, natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes, and hardware malfunctioning.

The reason why they are so popular simply lies in their affordability, reliability, scalability, and file sharing-friendly environment. Being an off-site online backup service, the user’s data will always remain protected and safe. Furthermore, the user will incur much less cost as compared to the centralized management of an on-site backup mechanism. Businesses often experience growth and in this way, they need to upgrade their storage space too. Even this aspect is covered by cloud data backups as they offer one-click storage upgradation.

With too many benefits and exciting features of the cloud backups, they are a sure shot backup solution for all home and business backups aspirants.

Cloud Backup Solutions

It is an admitted fact that the selection of the right backup solution is a prerequisite for the enactment of the contagious backup strategy. Although there are a lot of providers of cloud storage services, it doesn’t mean that every vendor proves to be relevant to every scenario. In this lieu, it is mandatory that the user must check the features of prominent cloud service providers and then choose the one which is compatible with the aspired backup requirements:

Backup Everything

Backup Everything has the global reputation of providing rich backup solutions at a very low price. Whenever it comes to delivering the best cloud backups for the home and business users, no one can beat the reliability and affordability provided by Backup Everything. Following are some of the salient features of the Backup Everything backups:

  • Backup Everything backup plans are very much affordable. In the basic package, the tool charges 5 GBP per month with unlimited storage. However, for larger systems, the tool provides cloud backups with unlimited storage at the rate of 10 GBP per month for 5 computers.
  • Backup Everything has embedded 256-bit AES encryption in its backup solutions for securing users’ data effectively.
  • Backup Everything backup utility is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Backup Everything offers file versioning, automatic backups, and ransomware protection to make backups more reliable.


Acronis is providing a crash plan for small businesses and homes in over 145 countries with a customer toll of 5 million. It offers online backup solutions for individuals, businesses and many third-party service providers. The salient features of Acronis backups are as followed:

  • Acronis backup solution has the capability to backup data for multiple environments such as cloud, virtual, public or mobile devices.
  • Acronis employs cybersecurity technology in its backup solution. Due to this incorporation, the users can stay assured that their data will be safe from any cyber-attack.
  • Acronis has made the backup process so easy that the user can commence data backup by just three clicks.
  • Acronis cloud backup utility incorporates blockchain features to provide prevention against attacks on the archived files.


Anyone looking for low-cost b2 cloud storage backups, then Backblaze is an excellent option to go for. The tool has plenty of both business and home customers, having data of about 750PB on the company’s servers. Salient features of Backblaze backup utility include:

  • Backblaze has a very simplified pricing model for business customers and charges an annual amount of only $60 for each backup computer.
  • Backblaze has very strong ransomware protection. This includes the 30-day rollback capabilities where, if attacked, the system will be restored to the point prior to the ransomware attack.
  • Backblaze backup system offers easy to go sign up procedure with MS Office 365 and G-Suite.
  • For users who want to restore their backup data from some external hard drive, then Backblaze will send the drive to the user, anywhere in the world. Although the tool will charge some amount, but this amount will be refunded, once the user sends that drive back to the Backblaze.


Carbonite offers a wide range of backup solutions for the organizations as well as individuals. The tool has three popular backup solutions for catering business needs. It offers Carbonite Safe for managing backups of up to 25 computers, Carbonite Server for preparing backups of the business servers, and Carbonite Endpoint 365 for backing up the data of the MS Office 365 and endpoints. Carbonite backup solutions cost as low as $24 per month, including a one-month free trial period. The tool contains the following features:

  • Carbonite includes 128 bit and 256-bit AES encryption to ensure state of the art data protection.
  • Carbonite business backup plans are handy enough to provide HIPAA, GLBA and FERPA support.
  • Carbonite also provides customers with a server plan involving database backup, image backup, application backup, and bare metal restoration.

Cloudberry Lab

Cloudberry Lab holds expertise in providing backup services to the servers, endpoints, various business products, and cloud-based data in the SaaS applications. Cloudberry Lab allows its users to either manage their backups over the cloud or at local storage. The tool contains the following features:

  • Cloudberry Lab backup provides support to all major operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  • To ensure data protection, Cloudberry Lab backup solutions have 256-bit AES encryption keys with additional ransomware protection.
  • Cloudberry Lab backup plans give the users an option to choose either cloud or on-site storage location as their backup destination.

Final Note

Cloud backup should be made an essential part of business plans and also has a lot of benefits for home users too. It is so because on-site storage location requires physical space as well as the management of various network equipment, while in cloud backups, all this hassle is handled by third-party vendors. Furthermore, there will always be a risk of human mistake or natural disaster, as if anything happens at the location where a business or home is located, then that calamity will affect on-site backup too. Cloud backup being an off-site backup, saves the user from any such probability.

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