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Automated Cloud Backup— Protect Your Critical Business Data

Automated Cloud Backup— Taking the Stress Out of Protecting Your Data

Today, one of the most game-changing advancements in this valiant new world of online computing is the easy accessibility of cloud backup services. As with numerous tech buzzwords “the cloud” can be used to represent many different things, but in the context of backup data, it is particularly remarkable. Businesses today can choose storage space in the cloud from services specially dedicated in technology to make the backup process seamless, quick and more secure. Cloud backup technologies are scalable and safer while being extremely cost-efficient.

Whatever size and industry your organization belongs to, making sure you have a regular and reliable backup of your organization data is important. With so many studies showing that many businesses without having an effective backup and disaster recovery strategy fail to recover after experiencing serious downtime, it is even more crucial that you select the right and most efficient solution to protect your organization data and files. Cloud backup services now offer businesses reliable solutions to protect their data.

Let’s have a look at the advantages organizations can exploit by utilizing cloud backup solutions.

Benefits of Automated Cloud Backup for Business

The key purpose of backing up your data is, undoubtedly, the facility to roll and retrieve your archives in case of local hardware failure. To make your business successful and grow today, you need the confidence of knowing that in the case of disaster, your data will be safe and available. By storing your information technology in the cloud, you have the perfect place for your data and files all at one place; no longer reliant on any single server or computer. Virtual server environments are huge networks of server and data centres located across the world, so that even if one complete facility crashes, another guaranteed is in place.

The benefit of clouds doesn’t end here. With online backup services, you can easily restore your data in an extremely quickly and smoothly as compared to external hard drives. Storing and managing your data in the cloud is mindless, seamless and simple as managing files and data on any computer.

The cloud backup is also remarkably easy on the pocket. It has the benefit of needing no physical location that you will have to handle maintaining on your own. Hiring an experienced cloud backup service provider can keep you connected and can handle your crucial data remotely without any hassle.

Automated Cloud Backup— It’s Features and Functionalities

Here’s a simple guide to help you navigate the often muddy waters of business backup. We have tapped IT pros and small business leaders to explore the functionalities and features that safeguard against the often-ignored mistakes of your employees, so you can develop a data protection and backup strategy that impeccably fits the flaws of the humans that handle your business.

Have a Complete Backup

Many organizations think that they have a proper backup of their files and data. According to a study, 58% of small businesses were not ready for a data loss accident. Moreover, over half of all backups (60%) eventually fail to efficiently retrieve the lost data and files, leaving the businesses where they need to start from the scratch. That’s why having an automated backup strategy is important to ensure you don’t lose any data. Follow the basic ‘3-2-1’ protocol to backup and protect your data.

Make Backup ‘Automatic’

Many organizations, especially small business owners follow the old-school or initial backup plans, where they are depended on employees to manually save the important data and files to a server, a network drive, external hard drives or other preferred backup location.

The biggest reason to do data backups is to protect them against natural or manmade disasters. So, how can it be safe to depend on those same mistake-prone humans for organization’s so vital data? Best practice is to save all data and files to the backup destination every 15 minutes. And if your employees really give their productive time in backing up data every now and then, organization will notice a major drop in the productivity!

The best way to ensure you always have access to the most recent data and files is to choose automated cloud backup, where files will be backed up automatically. You don’t have to worry about employees failing to perform regular local backups— and also you aren’t burdening your staff with the regular, productivity downgrading task of manual backup.

Automated Cloud Backup | Backup Everything

Backup from Anywhere, Everywhere

According to a research, approx. 60% of your business’s data and files lie exclusively on your employee’s laptops and desktops. If you focus only backing your network drive, then all those work-in-progress files— all those value and productivity— are lying on your employee’s desktops and laptops, not backed up. And, the reason behind this is— employees usually do file sharing or move files to the central destination only when they are finished— or in a ‘ready to share’ state.

The best way to ensure your employee’s ongoing work, files and data are up-to-date, is to choose the best backup solution for your organization. They offer backup options where they will fetch data and files directly from employee’s desktops and laptops. This approach guarantees business continuity, storing and protecting all your employee’s productivity and efforts, and eventually your organization’s reputation.

Get Automated Cloud Backup Advantage— Unlimited, Cost-effective & More Secure

Many organizations still depend on hardware-based backup. Hardware has 2 key flaws— it’s vulnerable to physical damage and it fails very often. Moreover, conventional, local backups have all the inadequacies of traditional IT— a big capital investment capital investment upfront, a lengthy setup process and specialized staff to manage and maintain its limited space. According to a study, 4 in 5 small businesses will start implementing automated cloud backup by the end of 2020.

The cloud’s multiple redundancies mean you will be never vulnerable to technology or disaster failure. Automated cloud backup for start-ups is simple— instantly up and running, with no worries to maintain or manage. Data security specialists agree the cloud offers the most advanced, cutting-edge security tools— thanks to real-time updates that incorporate the latest security patches and modern security features.

Lastly, a reliable cloud storage solution provides a cost-effective, yet an efficient backup option for unlimited storage and backup, so you don’t have to pick and choose which data and files to backup. You can efficiently backup every version of every file, so you can directly go back to the member before an unexpected incident, restoring a ‘clean’ version and reducing lost productivity.

Automated Cloud Backup is not Same as Cloud Sharing Apps

Every cloud storage apps are different. Cloud file sharing and file syncing apps like Google Drive, DropBox and Microsoft OneDrive are assisting business of all sizes and industries to work in new smarter ways. But the same features that make cloud sharing apps amazing for file sharing, syncing services and collaboration make them a risky liability when implemented instead of real automated cloud backup solutions—

  • Depends on manual actions
  • All files are not backed up
  • Risk of Ransomware and malware

With approximately 37 percent of small businesses losing data in the cloud, it’s no more a surprise that data security specialists and analysts agree that a good backup is an essential complement to cloud sharing apps. Good backup software is purpose-built for the quickest disaster recovery, managing files for quick restores and giving point-in-time restore. Basically, cloud-sharing apps are designed to push work forward, whereas reliable backup software is especially designed to allow you to bounce back.

Automated Cloud Backup | Backup Everything

Protect Your Organization with Backup Everything’s Automated Cloud Backup Services

Data is the core of any business. That’s why accessible, efficient and secure data handling of your organization’s data and files is extremely important than ever. But handling your local backups in-house can be difficult, costly and moreover, time-consuming— especially if a human error causes a misfortune!

With traditional backup methods becoming more outdated every day, you need the confidence that your data backup for business can be processed smoothly, and restored right away! Automated cloud backups from Backup Everything are perfect from a financial and practical viewpoint. They help protect your organization for less. Replacing your old-school backup method with an automated, secure, and encrypted cloud backup process brings your business ahead of your competitors, helping you work error-free and efficiently.

You’ll get super-safe storage and data recovery of your critical data at our scalable and unlimited cloud storage services which can be used on a number of devices. Our cloud storage services and solutions are scalable, that means you will pay only for the storage speed you need, and can be expanded as your organization grows. With ISO 27001 certification, you can enjoy peace of mind that your critical data is protected to the highest information governance standards.

We are the most secure automated cloud backup service provider for businesses of all sizes and industries. We also offer cloud backup service for mobile apps. Our aim is to your life easier, and more efficient, protecting your organization from data breaches, ransomware, data leaks, etc. The service is hugely customizable. You can have scheduled or continuous backups. Online storage, local, or both.

Enhance your data security strategy. Contact us today to take a step towards highest security for your data!

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