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Where to get document enclosed wallets?

Document enclosed wallets

Clear document enclosed wallets are a perfect way to securely attach an invoice or any loose pieces of paper to the outside of a parcel. These ensure that the documents attached are safely delivered to the recipient and if any documents are needed by third parties during the transit process, they are easily accessible, without damaging the packaging. These are quick and easy to use and is water resistant so you can ensure that your enclosed documents are kept as safe as possible.

These are extremely popular for dispatching purposes and sending out orders worldwide where excess documents are needed during the transit process, such as commercial invoices. You can also use these to clearly display any addresses that may need to be visible. You can either get the completely clear document enclosed wallets or printed documents enclosed wallet.

document wallet is easy and simple to use. All you do is fold any documents you are sending with the parcel into the wallet, peel off sticky side protector and stick onto any parcel. The strong self-adhesive wallet securely sticks to any surface, perfect for cardboard boxes or plastic bags. If you need some information visible, the clear wallet allows any information to show through, while keeping the paper protected from any dirt or water.

Our range of document enclosed wallets

At Packaging Base, we offer two different styles of clear document enclosed wallets. These include plain and printed. The plain document enclosed wallet ensure that anything that you want visible from the inside, such as addresses or barcodes are easily visible and can scan properly without any hassle. The clear material makes sure that whatever the documents are attached to, you can visibly see the documents inside.

The printed documents enclosed wallets ensure that the wallet stands out if it is attached to an item that is large or somewhere it can be easily misplaced. The bright red block colour ensures that the documents are made clearly visible to anyone who needs them, so no matter how large or difficult the object is, the documents attached are clearly accessible.

If you have any questions about what packaging is best for you, feel free to contact our expert team members who are more than happy to assist you in finding the best and most suitable packing for you.

The document enclosed wallets sizes

We offer a range of different sized document enclosed wallets. The documents enclosed wallets A5 size are the most popular as they can fit on almost any size parcel and any piece of paper can be folded and put securely inside.

However, if you are looking for larger sizes, we also offer A4 sizes, A6, A7 and DL. These are all perfect for a wide range of different parcels and items to put inside. You are sure to find the right size for your company. We offer these in various bulks so you get the right amount to meet demand.

If you are looking at purchasing these document enclosed wallets, don’t forget to check out our mailing bags as well. We offer a wide range of different sized bags so you can find the right one to attach the document enclosed wallets too. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge document enclosed wallet and a tiny mailing bag!

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