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What to Expect When You Go For Cheap Car Hire London?

Go Anywhere With Cheap Car Hire London

There’s a class of luxury that doesn’t need to brag. One that’s as much about service as it is elegance. Luxury that not just means prestige cars for any occasion, but offering you bespoke white glove service to fulfil your needs. If you want to make any occasion unforgettable and extra special, a luxury car can add that little touch to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary one.

Why Luxury Car Hire London is Freaking Awesome?

Every trip in London starts with a common question— how should I travel and explore the city? As the ultimate tourist destination, United Kingdom has a great number of transportation choices for those looking to wander and explore its urban. Train, bus, flights, car/taxis… Hiring a car in London is a very good option for the best conveyance means in London and for good reasons.

We have listed a few reasons why people choose to rent a car in London and enjoy the great rental experience from the brand known for unbeatable customer service.


When compared to other public transport means like bus, flights, or trains, rental cars are synonym with freedom. You can enjoy your vacation the way you want. You get the freedom to drive where you want, you can take a halt whenever you feel like it.

No Maintenance

Maintaining a high-end luxury car is high-priced and it demands a lot of time, but when renting a car in London, you never have to lose your sleep worrying about any mechanical repairs or failure. It has all been done before your trip by the car rental company. All you need is to pick up the car and just drive away!

Travel on a New Car

Hiring a car in London will give you access to a much newer car model than when buying one. When you choose to go for Cheap Car Hire London from a reputed car rental company, you will get car options that are not years old. This helps in improving the overall experience on the road as newer car models are easier to drive and have lots more safety features.

Rental Cars in London are Cheaper

When you rent a car in London you are more likely to come with huge fuel cost savings as the gas/fuel consumption of newer models is much lesser than older ones. No matter whether you are looking forward to enjoying your vacation going to Buckingham Palace or anywhere in Central London, you can always trust SPM Hire to make your every trip memorable and cosy one.

Pay ONLY for What You Use

If you decide to go for car rental as your primary transportation mean, consider hiring a car only for when you plan to travel. Whether you are looking for an economy car or luxury cars for an hour or a day long or even more, we have everything on our list.

Safety is Always Our Priority

Car Rental companies provide amazing perks and insurance packages, covering almost everything. It ensures that you don’t have to manage the cost of any mechanical failures or repairs, and the long hold-ups that go with it, car rental company will get you back on your vacation mood as soon as possible in most cases.

It Sometimes Comes with Great Perks

The car rental business in London and other cities in the world are extremely competitive and companies have countless ways to entice travellers in. Particularly during the off seasons, and sometimes during festive seasons, you can get many promotions and deals coming up, like free upgrades, free activities, free extra rental days, etc. We all love FREEbies, isn’t it?

Many Options to Choose From

With lots of car hire companies in London, each offering different models and collections, you are bound to stumble upon the perfect ride for your voyage. Looking for a luxury wedding car or a small car with a bed on the back, there is an offer for you in London. (Bonus Tip— Make sure to book car early, if you have any specific requirement or want a car in peak season.)

Saves Your Time

Going out for a weekend trip, or long family vacation in a rented car is much convenient than waiting for hours in a bus station or train station in long queues with your stuff for people carrier means. When travelling to London or anywhere in the city centre, or Heathrow airport and want to hire a car, you can always rely on SPM Hire to maximise your time.

Bonus— It’s ALWAYS Clean!

Let’s be candid, when travelling on public transport there’s always that horrid smell. On the other hand, when hiring a car in London, you’ll be always served with a freshly cleaned car.

London Chauffeur Car Hire— Add a Touch of Magic and Class to Your Special Occasions

No matter what and where you can always choose luxury chauffeur services. Hiring a professional chauffeur company can give a novel and unique experience for your family, friends or that special someone to mark a significant event. Years back, executive cars used to be hired by the famous and rich, but now it has become more affordable for everyone who wants to celebrate a special occasion in style.

Offering exclusive and modern facilities like LCD screens, cocktail bar, laser displays, and DVD players and high-tech entertainment system to keep entertained, professional chauffeur services are becoming popular to those who would like to add thrill and a touch of class to that significant occasion in their lives.

Below are some of the special occasions when you can hire a London chauffeur service:

Bachelorette Party

Everybody loves doing party, and who doesn’t want to celebrate bachelorette party! It is a special time to celebrate friends that precede a new exciting chapter in life and make it an unforgettable experience. Everybody wants to hang up with loved ones and friends by enjoying it with the champagne.

Throwing a cool bachelorette party in a luxury chauffeur driven cars in a chauffeurs driven car is a different idea to celebrate the bride-to-be’s change from singlehood to married life. Partying within the curved space of the luxury cars can be cosy way to spend time together for the bride-to-be and her friends.

If you are looking for endless entertainment facilities like a dance floor and strobe lights to keep attendees entertained, you can hire party bus limousine services. Add that special element of fun by dancing, playing games, eating snacks and hiring an entertainer for the complete ride.

Wedding Bells

You add that very special touch of class and style to celebrate a couple’s wedding by hiring an executive car service. The bride and groom can arrive in style at the wedding reception venue in luxury cars like Mercedes V Class, Mercedes Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series, Rolls Royce, Range Rover and others. It will be the ultimate highlight of the couple’s wedding day.

16th Birthday Party

No matter what one’s age is, everyone loves celebrating a birthday. Birthdays are always a cool and cherished celebration, especially when it comes to the sixteenth birthday. Every teen wants to make it a special and perfect one. Riding in a world class luxury car is one of the grand ways of spending and enjoying the time before the birthday dinner in a fine restaurant. The teenager often prefers SPM Hire in London and nearby cities. You can enjoy to the fullest and make your birthday a memorable one.

Theatre Trip

How about hiring executive chauffeur services for a trip to your favourite theatre with your group of friends, or your loved ones? You can have a great time to be dressed up to the nines, sip some sparkling cocktail and be endowed with in-vehicle entertainment before watching your favourite movie at the theatre or the ballet?

Prom Night

Think something different and veer off from the typical restaurant or hotel setting to rejoice your child’s prom night. Celebrate your child’s transition to adulthood and mark it by a ride by London Chauffeur Service to the prom venue. With chauffeur car hire, you can be assured that your child will have full-on fun while being in safe hands of professional chauffeur having years of experience.

Airport Transfers

Surprise your abroad visitors or clients with an executive car hire pick up. Airport transfers that involve executive cars do not inevitably be business associated. You can hire service of professional chauffeurs driven cars to add an extra style to your visitors’ trip and make their day more comfortable and cherished.

Hiring professional chauffeur services can be a fun and stirring way to celebrate and add zest to a special occasion. This elite way of pampering your closed one will surely be engraved in their memory for many years to come as it adds class, glamour and style to their special day.

Make Your Special Day Extra Special With Wedding Car Hire London

Are you dreaming of an elegant, eternal and elegant wedding? If yes then the wedding car hire London can make it happen. A wedding is a celebration blending all the classic colours and elements with an exclusive theme while combining more modern trends and styles leaving newly-wed couples and obviously guests with a magical and memorable day. Splashing out on a wedding car in London doesn’t just add a little luxury and panache to your day, but a lot more chance to have a good time too!

Pre-wedding and wedding vehicles are a standard part of planning when it comes to a perfect wedding. There’s a lot more you can get from your experience of cheap car hire London, especially with the experts at SPM Hire! Here’s why—

The Royal Treatment with Grand Entry at Wedding Venues

Let’s face it, everybody loves feeling extra special on their wedding day, and SPM Hire high stand of customer service will make your dream come true and feel like royals. Features like tyre covers to keep your wedding dress clean, red carpet, luxurious interior and mood lighting inside and out are all prepared to deliver the best and memorable experience for you on your special day. SPM Hire’s cars for wedding also include “Just Married” tag, wedding ribbons, flowers, and some emergency fixtures like sewing kits, umbrellas, tissues that may be needed for your day.

Momentous Time To Be Cherished Forever!

The most common remark from brides dazzling on their special day is that it all flees by so quickly. That’s why we at SPM Hire are in complete support of anything to everything that lets you live it up. For most newly-wed couples, most of their time will be spent travelling here and there for shopping and preparing for their wedding day. So the quality time spent in your vintage wedding car is premium!

Especially Made For Your Requirement

Do you need a ride for just an hour or an entire day? Or, do you need multiple pickups? The last thing you want to worry about on your D-day is logistics. SPM Hire offer different flexible wedding car packages to make your plans the easiest and cosy for you. From vintage cars to classic wedding cars, we have lots of luxury wedding cars including Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and Rolls Royce Phantom to choose from!

It’s Not Only a Wedding Car

Let’s face it, vintage and classic cars are fun, and that exactly wants our bachelorette parties and prom nights to be! Hiring a reliable wedding car rental services, you can enjoy good discounts and other perks for multiple bookings, or even being early-birds!

You Get a Professional Chauffeur Service

Your chauffeur is not just a driver and host, but an untapped source of wisdom. They have complete knowledge about the London areas and other neighbouring counties and get you around without any problem. They are well-trained about the wedding transport, so you can relax and prepare yourself for your big day. And there’s nothing much better to get a royal treatment in a wedding car being hosted by a chauffeur uniformed in a good suit, matching silk tie, gloves, and a cap opening the car door for you! Isn’t it???

Above And Beyond

SPM Hire ensures that your wedding runs as smoothly as possible. We make every effort to make sure that newly-wed couples completely enjoy and cherish their wedding day, but our service exceeds beyond that. And, if you are planning to go straight on your honeymoon, SPM Hire also offers airport transfers at a very affordable price.

Level Up Your Travel Game with Prestige Car Hire London

London has a surfeit to offer when it comes to adventures and fun on the road and what better can be than to get a prestige car rental to maximize the trip? Whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip, prestige cars can get you an amazing time when on the road. With technology offering a big deal of evolution to luxury in cars, you can now pick from a full range of Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Audi, BMWs, Porsches, Bentley, and lots more, that too at a very reasonable price.

SPM Hire puts you behind the wheels of your favourite executive car for that special business trip or vacation when curb appeal is a must to arrive in style.

Why Prestige Car Hire Makes Sense?

Hiring a perfect car is generally considered a chore. For many, it turns out to be slightly inconvenient— something that’s completed out of inevitability if your car is in the store or if you’re travelling. But, let’s say if you accept it as an opportunity to pamper yourself to a little extra opulence, you will love rental super cars.

Treat Yourself to an Extraordinary Drive Experience

Pamper yourself to the most-desired Mercedes Benz, and get the power and style of two cars in just one. If you are a fan of hardtop roof that easily retracts at just the push of a button, taking the super executive cat from sleek to sexy in just a couple of seconds! The interior brags luxurious seats and handy controls that add a level of daily contentment and cosiness to help make this car a perfect intro to the world of sports car.

If you are the one looking for added comfort and spaciousness, go for Range Rover hire. The extra space and luxuries make this car a brilliant road trip option if you are planning to travel with your family or group of friends. Exclusively designed with the key focus on performance and handling, you’ll feel in complete control the instant you turn the key.

With a classically minimalist exterior, you’ll be bowled over by the attention to the fact on the interior. Comfortable and roomy, the design of the controls has a stylish private-jet-like flair. Under the hood, the Aston Martin is a home to a clean, powerful diesel engine, which offers improved fuel economy than normal engines, and lots of power.

To conclude, upgrading to luxury car hire can be a pleasurable way to put your feet into the world of luxury travel and veer an ordinary car trip into an extraordinary trip. If you have no hire experience in car rental, SPM Hire is your one-stop destination no matter whether you want to hire a wedding car, executive car, prestige car, or any other luxury vehicle. We assure to deliver the top-notch customer service to make our client’s hire experience as good and enjoyable as possible.

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