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The truth about real estate with property reviews

How to upload a property review on

Visit and click Register. An online form opens up where you can input your property address and tenancy duration. Once you have entered the details just create account. You will get an email to verify your email address. Once you click “verify” you are go straight to the page where you enter your property reviews.

What is the structure of our property review process?

Our property review consist of 14 multiple choice questions. These questions are designed after meticulous research about property maintenance issues faced by tenants in the UK. Depending on how you answered each question the rental property gets a score out of 10.

The score is a part of your property review. You can also enter comments and upload pictures to support your property review. The entire process takes about 90 seconds to 10 minutes depending on amount of text you wish to write. Your property review once submitted stays online helping other tenants to take informed property decisions.

We now have thousands of property reviews on The results are really interesting. Mould and damp are the biggest issues facing private tenants. Almost one in ten also having to deal with pests like rats or mice.

More than a third of tenants, 36%, have unresolved mould or condensation problem while a third. 34%, are faced with an unresponsive and seemingly uncaring landlord. Stats are based on property reviews posted by tenants across the UK on

We have analyzed thousands of property reviews from across the UK finding more than a quarter, 29%, of tenants saying the deposit refund process was unfair.

Payal Bhavnani and Vijay Bhawnani founders of and say tenant’s stories are being shared every day. We set up the site after our own bad experience of renting a property and wanted to give tenants somewhere to go to speak out. Rental property reviews on gives them this forum.

Landlords offering good service to their tenants have nothing to fear from this website. Professional landlords are now supporting property reviews. They encourage their tenants to rate their rental property on, if the rating is good they can download a badge and stick on their front door as a symbol of quality rental property.

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