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What Are the Trendy Designs – Bathroom Ideas?

Bathroom Ideas to Add Serenity and Luxury!

In today’s time, bathrooms have become much more vital than merely functional spaces in one’s homes. Functional yet modern bathrooms can add significant value to a property and be a place to wind down and chill out after a long tiring day.

Everyone cannot afford to have lavish homes with a bathroom you can get lost in, but sometimes it’s not the size that matters, but what you actually do with it that really counts.

Keeping this in mind, we are sharing you some bathroom ideas and trendy designs to maximize the compact space in your bathroom, and also make it stand out from the crowd. These small bathroom ideas will let you have serenity and luxury besides having a better functioning bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas— Trendy Bathroom Designs to Adapt for Your Dream Bathroom

Compact Fixtures

Today basins, baths, showers, and toilets are available in many shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to find the right size and design to complement your bathroom. Choosing small, compact bathroom units can make a big difference in how a space feels, giving you more space to manoeuvre.

You can choose a full pedestal sink which will look amazing and consume just half of the space. Moreover, you can also go for a coupled toilet and basin unit, which significantly maximizes the space available.

Walk-In Showers

If you’re looking for a relaxing minimalist yet luxurious bathroom style, a wet room or walk-in shower is the best choice for you. With its boutique spa-like feel and ability to maximize a small space, the wet room is becoming ever more option to traditional bathrooms.

Irrespective of your design preference for your walk-in shower, the scarcity of obstacles will deliver a perfect changeover from the rest of the bathroom into the shower area, boasting a feeling of luxury and relaxation.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Say goodbye to your shower curtain and revolutionize your shower bath with a glass shower enclosure or panel. The traditional shower curtains make the room look smaller, whereas glass cubicles or doors make a continuous flow of light all through the room creating more openness.

Shower enclosures are becoming more popular as the luxury item for your bathroom and modern space saving design means these can be fitted into the smallest of bathroom spaces. Also, installing a glass panel or enclosure in your bathroom will make cleaning a whole lot easier too.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity unit can give your bathroom a uniquely elegant and stylish look. The make small bathrooms look bigger, airier and more spacious than they actually are. Wall-hung, floating vanity units also remove clumsy corners, making cleaning easier.

Proper Lighting

It is important to get the proper lighting in a small space. Don’t go for a central light as it will create dark corners in your bathroom, making it appear and feel smaller. You can choose to add brighter bulbs like energy bulbs which emits a brighter light and also save money on energy bills too!

Adjustable lighting can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom and make it multifunctional. This lets you change over the bathroom’s function according to your mood. A perfect lighting means you get so much more from your bathroom. You can choose bright light in the mornings to get ready for your day and mood lighting in the evenings to help you relax and calm.

Maximize Storage Space

No matter which corner of your home, storage is very important— even in your bathrooms. A bathroom has lots of wall space when you look up, which is extremely underutilized.

All you need to do is understand a style of storage that meets your needs – triangular corner basket that looks pretty, or freestanding tall boy storage unit that offers a more unobtrusive secreting place for your bathroom stuff are both ideal solutions.

Add Modern Fittings

With just some tweaks to the fittings in your bathroom suite, you can get a visual illusion of space, which will eventually add to re-sale value to your home as well. Replace shower heads and taps with modern designs in brushed chrome, bronze or copper or go for a really lavish feel by fitting a feature basin— a vessel basin placed on top of a granite work top will give you feeling of a spa every day.

Adding a Touch of Luxury

Having a small bathroom space doesn’t mean you can’t have any luxury additions. Stepping out of the shower or bath on a cold winter morning can be spine-tingling, so why not add a designer heated towel rail in the bathroom? My Bubble Bath offers a wide range of heated rail available in different size, shape and design perfect for a more stylish bathroom look.

Add a Pop of Colours

Avoid bold and dark colours in small bathrooms as these will make it feel bounded. Instead, go for neutral tones as it will make it feel airy and light.

If you are looking for a splash of colour, keep it simple with brightly coloured accessories and indoor plants or with a mosaic tile border. Choosing the right colour schemes can make or break your bathroom’s overall look.

Don’t Forget Mirrors

Mirrors are an all crucial piece in a bathroom and should not be undervalued. Adding mirrors in a small bathroom can boost light and space when placed in the right position. No matter what style of mirror you choose, make sure you consider what it is going to exhibit before putting it to the wall.

Hang a mirror in the bathroom wall, reflecting natural light from the window will visually enhance the space and produce more light.

Maximise Floor Space

When considering the space in your bathroom it is important to think about objects that occupy useful floor space, such as laundry baskets and bins. Freeing up the floor space and untidiness will make your bathroom look so much spacious and bigger, making it simple yet functional.

Minimise Floor Accessories

If you want to make your bathroom feel warmer and comfier with some beautiful rugs, then choose for one big rug instead of several small ones. One big rug will unite the floor area against separate ones, which will break it up.

Large Floor Tiles

Create a spectacular, modern look in your bathroom by simply upsizing your wall tiles. The magnificence of large floor tiles provides a luxurious, spacious feel and, when placed on the walls too, it will make your bathroom look sleeker. Moreover, they are easy to install and extremely easy to clean! It is a win-win situation!

Focus on Ceilings

In many bathrooms, the ceiling is ignored, but it can assist in creating depth and volume in a small bathroom. If you have high ceilings take advantage of it with your selection of lights – spot lights are a wonderful for this. And if you have low ceilings you can add depth to your ceiling by keeping the colours light and making it feel airy and light.

Marvellous Monochrome

A classic design, the monochrome bathroom never fails to impress. Retro, sleek, rustic or stylish, a monochrome design looks amazing in bathrooms small, medium or large and complements any type of décor. Whether you want to give your bathroom a sophisticated edge or want to create a bold statement, the eye-catching contrast of black and white diffuses elegance and sophistication.

So, there you have it – it is possible to turn your bathroom into a fabulous place to bathe, with these tips!

Transform Your Bathroom with Trendy Bathroom Ideas

Whether you are planning for a renovation or building a new home, transforming your bathroom into a stunning space where you can calm down is a must. To get your creativity free, we have shared some of the trendy bathroom design trends. Design your dream bathroom and make it stand out!

Bathroom Ideas— Shop at My Bubble Bath to Add Elegance and Style

Whatever bathroom idea you choose for, these classic and modern combinations will bring elegant style.

With the wide range of bathroom designs available here at My Bubble Bath no matter what you wish for from your dream bathroom space, we are here to assist you!

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