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The Truth About Landlord Reviews Is About To Be Revealed.

With homeownership rates declining in the UK, 25% of UK housing will be privately rented in 2021 compared to 10% in 1991. In 2017, UK tenants paid £50 Billion in rent to landlords. With average rents being more than half of average earnings and tenants paying £1Billion in repairs which should have been done by Landlords, tenants should take time to post landlord reviews online sharing their rental experience.

According to English housing survey more than a quarter (28pc) of private rented homes failed to meet the Decent Homes Standard in 2015. This sets minimum requirements on the property’s state of repair; its facilities and services; its energy efficiency and heating; and its health and safety standards. Landlord reviews on show more than a third of tenants, 36%, have unresolved mould or condensation problem while a third 34%, are faced with an unresponsive and seemingly uncaring landlord.

The site analysed thousands of Landlord reviews from across the UK finding more than a quarter, 29%, of tenants saying the deposit refund process was unfair and around 10% tenants found rodent infestation in their rental property.

Know more about landlord review

Tenants in the UK should review their landlord and rental property due to three macro-economic factors increasing risk of nightmare rental experience:

  • UK housing stock is old and in need to constant maintenance; this means properties need investment to keep them to good standard.
  • Rental property demand is outstripping supply; this means landlords can still rent non decent properties.
  • Councils are stretched for funds; this means they may only be able to intervene only in extreme cases of disrepair.

In such an environment Landlord reviews offer an alternative way of keeping rogue landlords in check and motivate majority of good landlords who treat their rental property like their own.

Today a landlord needs employers/previous landlord references, credit check to ensure they vet a tenant. If that is not enough, there is 6 weeks of deposit required in case a tenant damages the property but there is nothing available to tenant to vet a landlord.

Landlord reviews by tenants will help future tenants avoiding a rental nightmare. They will also push landlords to provide good renting experience to avoid getting a bad landlord review. Landlord reviews on are survey style multiple choice questions asking very specific questions about quality of rental property, landlord responsiveness and deposit refund.

We founded after a nightmare rental experience in Richmond. The website currently has over 3,000 landlord reviews but we need many more to make a difference. Support us by leaving your current or former rental property review on

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