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What are the Most Secure Cloud Storage Solutions?

For security conscious business organizations, private cloud emerged as an ideal platform to safeguard crucial data. Cloud infrastructure gives an optimal control over the respective technology-at-work used to improve the data privacy and security concerns.

Defend your Privacy Even if you Think you have Nothing to Hide!

Cloud is indeed your best bet when it comes to security of business critical data. However, it’s not always feasible to build your own cloud storage solution. With plenty of cloud storage options, it is difficult to make up a right decision based on specific demands and preferences. A trustworthy security advisor ensures secure storage and uninterrupted file sync on cloud.

A reliable storage enables organizations to ensure that the security measures being in practice are as per the demands and needs of the application. Here are some of the best cloud storage services for corporate and personal use.

Cloud Storage Solutions that Alleviates Data Security

  • Amazon Web Services

AWS, Amazon Web Services offer best in class cloud infrastructure with more than 90 services. With more than 40 availability zones in 16 geographical locations Amazon Web Services operates around the globe. You can store and retrieve any volume of data using Amazon’s cloud storage options.

AWS is one of the best supported platforms that offer flexible data storage and transfer. With Amazon Web Services, the users can benefit from strong network architecture and data centre developed to meet the ever-rising demands of security-sensitive enterprises.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive cloud storage from the house of Microsoft comes with interactive web and mobile interface which is easy to use by novice users. It incorporate shared desktop folder syncing, music streaming, document search in shared files, real time co-authoring in Office and many other potential features. On Windows 10 PC and mobile phones, the cloud storage provider enables syncing apps and settings while access to the files and folders stored in OneDrive’s online folders can be given to iOS, Mac OS X and Android clients.

Flexible storage limitations, availability of mobile app amalgamated with rich feature set makes OneDrive a scalable cloud storage solution. OneDrive enables backup of device setting, email login details, desktop background images and much more for Windows phones, Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 machines.

  • Google Drive

The best thing about having Google Drive as your cloud storage is that it is available free of cost with Google account unless you need to store more than 15 GB data. However, if you are using it at corporate level and wish to increase the storage space, you can invest in its paid versions. Google Drive comes with leading office suite collaboration features; however, it does not provide offline editing.

The files that are created using Google Sheets, Docs and in-Drive applications using proprietary online formats don’t count towards stipulated 15 GB quota. If you are planning to get a paid version, you can subscribe for 100 GB at $1.99 per month, 200 GB for $3.99 per month, 1TB at $9.99 per month and 10 TB at $99.99 per month. Recently, Google Drive has replaced its sync software with Backup & Sync- a new tool.

Google Drive functions quite similar the way Microsoft OneDrive does with the online editions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

  • IDrive

IDrive cloud storage space offers secure file saving, clear organization and comparatively interactive design. In the top right corner of IDrive platform, you can view the account panel followed by universal search field and details about the remaining storage. Also, there are tabs that display Backup, Restore, Sync, Disk Image Backup, Scheduler, Settings and Server Backup.

IDrive enables you to select files and folders from pop-up file explorer window. It displays user folders such as Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Music, etc., in tree structure. Clicking the corresponding checkboxes for user folders enables selecting items for backup set. For bulk uploads and restore operations, IDrive Express services are offered at additional cost.

  • SpiderOak ONE

SpiderOak ONE keep crucial data encrypted all the time to ensure complete security. It incorporates clear interface that offers file/ folder sharing and sync capabilities. 21 days free trial allows 250 GB online storage and enables users access the features and data storage and transfer attributes.

Various Personal plans includes subscription to 100 GB storage in $5 per month or $59 per year, 1TB space in $129 per year or $12 per month, 5 TB storage space for $25 per month or yearly subscription of $279. These plans are available easily and can be used on multiple devices. SpiderOAk ONE enables backing up external hard drives, network volumes as well as removable devices.

  • SugarSync

SugarSync is a popular cloud storage provider that offers simple setup, but is quite expensive when it comes to plans and packages. It doesn’t allow collaborative editing and lacks some of the basic features offered complimentary among the competition. The intuitive set up asks for signup and selecting a storage service afterwards. After signing up, you can download either the SugarSync desktop app on your computer or mobile app on Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and other smart devices.

The cloud storage provider claims to provide best security for the files and folders stored within. The data is secured using standard 256 bit AES encryption key, normally used to encrypt online financial transactional details. Simple file sharing feature allows the customers to share data with peers and across the network securely and safely.

More about the Cloud World!

The above mentioned cloud storage solutions offer secure and efficient storage, backup and restore services. Compatibility on web and mobile devices adds to the scalability parameters and makes the cloud storage apps more expedient than ever. Undoubtedly, a deep analysis is required while opting for any of the given cloud apps, but a glimpse to features and available plans can help making a right choice.

Almost all the cloud storage providers implement standard 256 bit encryption algorithm to safeguard file and data incorporated within it. The service provides works 24×7 to ensure 99.999% uptime and uninterrupted availability of data. Cloud infrastructure is constantly monitored by the service providers to ensure 100% security against unauthorized access and making it safe at corporate and personal levels.

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