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Prom Car Hire service in the UK

Nowadays, people have become more aware of working on with their dreams, no matter whether it’s big or small. Actually, that’s a good thing and must be appreciated. But this is not possible for all range of people. To remove this mindset and provide the people with the satisfaction of their dreams, the project of prom car hire service has been introduced in the UK.

Under these, there are many companies that provide luxurious cars for hiring for all the special events. These companies charge a reasonable and affordable cost with on-time service at the doorstep. SPM is one of such companies that offers a huge fleet of cars for prom, wedding, etc.

SPM makes it convenient and easy to travel depending upon your wish to visit a place. We always see to it that you must enjoy each and every moment of your life with our service from your deep heart desire.

As said before, we have a wide collection of cars to select from as per the occasion. Our collection began from a four sitter and extend towards a six to eight sitters i.e., the family car that too with luxurious comfort and a brand name. For an instant, for Prom, we have the big car with 8 sitters such as Bentley Limo, Ford excursion limousine etc. whereas, for the wedding we have the cars with a classic and luxurious look such as Limousine, Bentley Mulsanne, Rolls-Royce Phantom, etc. Let’s have a look at different varieties of cars that were used for prom nights.

Different types of Prom car hire

Limousine Hire: Limousine was first invented in the year 1902, and its unique features have driven everybody attention. Here, it has been featured in such a way that behind the wheel there is an open compartment with seating for 8 passengers. The stretch limousine was first appeared in 1928 and was designed primarily to transport large musical groups and their leaders.

Chrysler 300 Limousine is a very stretched version of Chrysler’s 300 sedans, here the middle-section stretches almost as long as the standard 300 sedans. This car is featured with V8 HEMI engine and is considered by numerous limousine services.

Hummer H2 Limousine, when it is about Hummer H2 Limousine, it is impossible to get confused among this car with some other cars due to its unique design. Riding Hummer H2 limousine gives the feel of style and class. It features square corners, a roof rack, massive tires, flat glass, and a chrome seven-slot grille on the front and even has plenty of grab handles for safety purpose. It has a massive 122.8-inch wheelbase and a heavy pickup truck style limousine chassis.

Rolls Royce Ghost: As the name suggest riding a Rolls Royce Ghost can bring about the confidence as a Ghost and its grace and elegance can be experienced in its visual performance. It’s new sweeping lines below the front grille can enhance and credits its charisma. Overall appearance and work of a Rolls-Royce Ghost can be defined as dynamic even when it’s perfectly still.

BMW 3 Series: BMW is there in the field of automobiles since 1975 and created its own uniqueness and brand name among the people of all ranges. It is with immense qualities such as high-efficiency petrol and diesel engines, optimum weight distribution, classic rear-wheel drive is powerful with BMW Efficient Dynamics technology guarantees outstanding dynamics and low fuel consumption.

Audi A5: Audi is there in the field since March 2007. This Audi A5 is defined as the series with compact executive coupe cars and it was produced by the German automobile company named ‘Audi.’ The A5 range additionally comprises the cabriolet, Sportback and coupe version of the Audi A4 saloon.

BMW M4: It is a high-performance version of the BMW 4 Series automobile. It was developed by BMW’s motorsport division, BMW M GmbH. The upgraded BMW M4 series includes a very powerful and responsive, twin-turbocharged engine with the improved handling, suspension and braking systems. It has an aerodynamic body enhancement with interior and exterior accents.

Mercedes C63: This model is reportedly the first AMG-Mercedes that was designed from the ground up. This model of C63 AMG has a revised front suspension, been shared with the CLK 63 AMG Black Series. The ESP that was featured here is in a full defeat mode, interfering only under heavy braking.

Mercedes G-Wagon G63: This model combines the engine from the G63, a twin-turbo V-8, with 6×6 porta axles, and is a pick-up version of the G class body with a luxurious interior. This model features six-wheel drive running on 5.5L, 536-hp, 561-ib-twin-turbo DOHC 32 valve V-8 AMG engine. This vehicle is consisting of five electronic differential locks which can deliver 100% lockup of all six wheels that is operated by three switches on the dashboard.

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