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New Concept of design fiction


The term ‘design fiction’ was originally coined almost incidentally, while Sterling considered how design thinking impacted on his literary output, design fiction reads a great deal like science fiction, in fact, it would never occur to a normal reader to separate the two.

As a nascent concept, Sterling was simply distinguishing the hand-waving hocus-pocus of traditional science fiction from the more practical, more hands-on design fiction.

In the six years since Bleecker named design fiction as its own practice, its popularity has grown. While speculative fiction is often used to explore moral conundrums, doing so can have unexpected and sometimes negative consequences.

For instance, the oft-cited Minority Report primed audiences to expect a future where adverts could literally follow you around. What the director undoubtedly meant as a warning, ended up becoming reality. Seeing something on the screen can have a powerful effect, making a vague concept feel solid and real.

The reality in technology is highly definitive, apart from knowing the intuitions of bailing the technology. We ensure that any thing that Design Fiction” as a technique for exploring the potential value of new design work.

It begins with an analysis of Research through Design abstracts in the ACM digital library and identifies an emerging language and structure of papers in this emerging field.

The abstracts: frame a problem space, introduce a study, often involving the deployment of a prototype, and conclude with considerations, reflections and discussion. This format is then pastiche in a series of design fictions written for a project investigating new and emerging forms of reproduction in Art. The fictions take the form of “imaginary abstracts” which summarise findings of papers that have not been written about prototypes that do not exist. It is argued that framing concept designs as fictional studies can provide a space for research focused critique and development.

Design fiction is often discussed in relation to science fiction literature and film, not least because author Sterling is a noted science fiction but also due to the use of diegetic prototyping, which is rooted in the ways in which new technologies are introduced and ‘actualized’ within the narratives science fiction seeking to discredit its influence upon the method, I argue that spumes are best framed in relation to mundane, everyday objects, as opposed to the fantasy and spectacle, often used to present science fiction style technologies.

Abstracts Of Design Fiction

RFID tags – all, inexpensive means of remotely and uniquely identifying a spime object over short ranges.

GPS – A mechanism to precisely locate a spime object on Earth.

Internet Search Engine – Search functionality affording a front end to mine the enormous amounts of data that a spime object is constantly collecting and transmitting

CAD Software – Tools to digitally construct and manipulate endless iterations of a spime object

3D Printers – Sophisticated, automated and robust means to rapidly fabricate a digital instantiation of a spime object into a material instantiation

Eco-materials – Materials which are ecologically safe and durable but also highly versatile. When a spime object is no longer required, they can be cheaply returned into the production process as a raw material for future spime objects.

Plaster Of Innovation

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