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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Executive Cars London

When hiring an executive car for a meeting or anything that could be important, you want to make sure everything is fine and everything is up to your expectations. We all make mistakes and we all face problems that we believe should not happen, but they happen and nothing can be done about it sometimes, however there are still some things you can do which will help you avoid making those mistakes and have a peaceful journey in the vehicle and company you have chosen.


Research is very important, in London there are numerous companies which offer you executive chauffeur service when you google 100 of websites will come up and nearly all the companies will have generic pictures of cars that will look amazing on the website. Try to avoid booking online, if you have the company details and they are close to you try and visit them, try to view the car beforehand to avoid any disappointments. On the day of your meeting you don’t want a Mercedes S class coming with alloys damaged and the front bumper hanging off, that will definitely not give a good impression to your client.

No question is a wrong question, ask as many questions as you can until you are satisfied as you are the person who will be paying for the service, try to do read reviews on the company if there are any, and take all the negative reviews as very serious and see if any of those problems could a threat to your day, if a company has reviews of never being on time, that may not be something you want you may have a flight or pick up an important client from the airport and being late is the last thing you need.

Condition of the car is very important when it comes to executive vehicles, as many vehicles can be in a very bad condition and may not look professional at all. It all depends on what the occasion is of course, if the car is just for yourself and you have no problem with the condition of the car, then its fine, but if you have a client or someone important who needs to be chauffeured in the car and need the car to be in a great shape then making sure you have sufficient and original pictures of the car would be the best thing if possible take the opportunity of viewing the car beforehand.

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When making a booking make sure you have given yourself enough time, always a possibility if you book last minute that either everyone is booked out or that the best hire companies are now not available. However sometimes circumstances are such that it has to be last minute, but if you have enough time then book in advance and chase the company closer to the time to ensure that the car will arrive on time and everything is still normal.

Airport pick up and drop offs

Arguably, airports are sometimes the most important jobs and executive cars are mostly used for such work, when going to an airport it is always more important than when someone is arriving, understandably no flight will wait for anyone, so time management is key. Choosing a company which has time efficient chauffeurs and drivers who are aware of driving in London. London can be very confusing when driving for the first time, and when going to the airport you want to be on time as mentioned above and a chauffeur who doesn’t know his routes around London could be the last thing you need as a passenger. In conclusion, research is the most important factor when it comes to hiring executive cars London, loads of companies claim to have amazing cars and are time efficient and all the norms as mentioned above, however for your own satisfaction a good amount of research is important and will get you satisfaction when you see the end product.

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