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Buying or renting a property is one of the most important decision which can affect our life for years. Location of the property is as important as property itself, we all live in the area as much as we live in the property. However, most property decisions are based on word of mouth about the area and not on data.

Word of mouth is generally true for area on the whole example “Richmond is a good area with low crime in the area” but not specific to the property you wish to buy/rent, example “Street X, on Road Y in Richmond”. While Richmond is a good area Street X in Richmond can have very high crime rates.

Inspired by how many of us get the property location decision wrong, has come up with a property location report where our property location researchers will prepare a customized property location report about the street you wish to buy or rent a property on. Unlike off the shelf reports available in the market we will ask you what concerns you the most (crime in the area, crime on the street, primary school admission, demographics, aircraft noise pollution) and focus on that along with providing you comprehensive information about the area.

A report we produced for one of our delighted customer who reached out to us before buying a property in west London can be found here. The customer in this case wanted to focus on demographics (type of people living on the street) and crime rates in the area but also wanted wider understanding about ecosystem of the street and the area.

Every report is around 32 pages including graphics and typically covers following –

  1. Demographic information covering social and ethnic mix at street/area level.
  1. Crime in the area with graphics pinpointing on a map where and what type of crimes have taken place on the street and within 1 mile of the property. Depending on crime type and frequency we also add crime avoidance tips from relevant authorities.
  1. Schools catchment area heat map, mix of students, parent’s opinions + pack providing commentary on 10 nearest primary and secondary schools. We use trusted and reputed partners who are specialised and have years of experience on schools information gathering.
  1. Environmental information covering water quality based on tested tap water samples by Thames water, flooding, air pollution showing nitrogen dioxide levels, aircraft noise levels and health activities in the area (park runs and walking groups).
  1. GP surgery reviews listing out top rated surgeries by patients and their contact details.
  1. Survival kit with names and contact details of top rated local plumbers, handyman and electricians. Recommended tools on how to identify top rated child care providers, restaurants, Amazon collection points, gas stations, places of worship, newsagents and convenience stores.
  1. Financials with list of most economical and best rated providers of broadband, electricity, gas, and satellite television. Links and guides on how to best use self-service tools to select the cheapest providers potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

We are passionate about making sure that you make a great property decision. On many occasions we spend hours producing a report so that we get it right for you.We offer two reports comprehensive (£24.99 incl. VAT) covering all the above topics or specific covering one or more topics above (reports starting £2.99 onwards per topic incl. VAT).

We are so confident of quality of our report that we offer full money back if our report does not meet the quality of sample report. If you wish to give us a try, order your property location report here

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