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Ideas for Living Room Shelves in East Ham

It could be the place to host all your social gatherings. A place where you crash and watch TV together or someplace where you eat your meals with your family. So, before deciding how you want your living room to look like, you must also decide what are the functional requirements of that room.

When designing your living room there are some design ideas that require immediate attention. One of them is the living room shelves that you will install in order to store some books, showpieces or even family photographs. In this article, we are going to tell you all about Living Room Shelves in East Ham.


If you are a bibliophile, you can get a gorgeous space to store your beloved books and put your classics on display in the living room itself. You can get these shelves from our home furniture store in London. These shelves are strong enough to hold all your books and are quite innovative too. You can easily color coordinate your books to make things look much more pretty. You can even paint the entire shelf according to the theme of your living room and it will give the room very nice and nerdy vibes.

Some vertical shelves are in trend right now. They give the illusion that your books are floating in the air and are must haves if you want to have a statement piece that is a real conversation starter!

Showpiece Holder

If you are someone who likes to display art and antiques in your living room, this type of shelf might just be the thing for you. You can put many things on display which include old artifacts if you are a collector. If you love collecting war memoirs, some period pieces that have a great story might be the perfect decor for you. As the entire place becomes a display for your proud art, you can always look at your living room as your own mini museum. These ideas for living room shelves in East Ham are pretty cool as they come in modern as well as old school designs for perfectly suiting the theme that you want to stick to in your Interior Design Furniture.


In this age of technology, so many pictures are being taken everyday and shared on social media that the real beauty of putting something up on a wall has faded away. That being said, nothing makes a good wall decoration as compared to a set of photographs of friends and family that make you happy whenever you look at them. For these purposes, you must be aware of the fact black and white photographs look timeless and chic. These pictures can be of your wedding, childhood memories, a good vacation or just some old moments with family and friends. This wall will be much more precious as compared to your instagram grids.

We hope this article has been able to give you enough input on the ability of living room shelves in East Ham to transform your living room. You can look at the amazing designs in our catalogues and make up your mind about the different applications of these shelves in your living room decoration ideas.

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