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Get High-Quality Chrome Radiator Valve Only at My Bubble Bath

Chrome Radiator Valve to Control the Flow of Water

Valves are an indispensable part of radiators. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, valves are needed to control the water flow into the units.

Radiator values are crucial as they allow an easy and quick way to break the flow of the central heating circuit into the radiator. With the growing popularity of radiators as a heating emitter introduced the two pipe systems and a far more competent central heating circuit.

The reason for using two valves on all radiators is because the system directs flow and return. The flow pipework supplies the recently heated water from the boiler. The return one takes it back at a lower temperature to be again heated by the boiler. The heat emitter or radiator uses the heat and transfers it into the room.

If you are buying a new radiator, then you can use your existing valves if you have them in the right condition. But if you are changing the style of your radiator, the pipework or planning for bathroom remodelling, then it may be necessary to replace the radiator valves.

From bathrooms and kitchens and beyond, chrome radiators have become a must-have modern fixture in homes all across the United Kingdom.

Easy to install, visually appealing and cost-effective, if your planning to upgrade chrome radiator, you cannot ignore the best quality chrome radiator valve!

Chrome Radiator Valve— What Actually Is Chrome?

Chrome is a shorthand for chromium— a hard and shiny metal which is the 24th chemical element in the periodic table.

Well, chrome radiators and towel rails aren’t actually made from chrome. They are chrome-plated. Because, chrome doesn’t tend to be much handy on its own, and its brittle and hard nature prohibits it from extensive use in the construction industry.

However, it has corrosion-resistant and smooth lustre properties which ensure it can be counted on as a material in metal alloys. Often it is suitable as an outer coat for products made from other metals.

Chrome-plated towel rails and radiators are purely made from chrome to provide an external layer; a bottleneck against damage and corrosion to the unit’s surface.

If you want to get a radiant shine without spending much, nothing can beat a chrome radiator and towel radiator.

Chrome Radiator Valve— Radiator Valve Types

Basically, there are two types of radiator valves available based on their operation.

  • Manual Valves
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves

As the name suggests, manual valves are meant to be opened and closed manually. While Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) make use of a sensor to open the valve, and this is dependent upon heat. It is designed to help maintain constant room temperature. Also, it let the user set a different temperature in different rooms— which is done by regulating the flow of hot water using the radiator itself.

TRV are a popular type of valve and can help you save money on your heating bills. Both types of radiator valves are available in straight as well as angled styles, that’s why can be used on most traditional radiators.

Towel radiators are usually found in the bathroom. Since the towel rails have the connections on the radiator’s bottom, this is where straight valves come into action. If the central heating pipework has a connection from the floor, it needs a good, reliable pair of matching valves. Such straight radiator valves are often known as a towel rail valves and generally have a chrome finish.

Nowadays, the majority of heating circuits have pipework beneath the floor, and the pipes coming up. In such cases, angled valves are popular. Angled rad valves are available as both manual or thermostatic types valves. There are many types of finishes available in the market.

Cassellie Angled Chrome TRV Radiator Valves

Built with quality material, it completes the look of your radiator.

These valves are mostly used with column radiators, so it is essential to take care when buying the valves for your central heating system. Angled valves are also used in vertical radiators, but some are exclusively designed to match with the straight valves.

Over the past few years, corner valves have been developed because of the popularity of the floating radiator. It provides a neat and clean appearance as there are no pipework visible going to the radiator.

Cassellie Corner Chrome TRV Radiator Valve Pack

It is a discreet contemporary valve that efficiently aligns with your towel warmer.

Lockshield valves are fitted to a radiator. It helps to control the flow of water within the central heating system and pipework.

My Bubble Bath offers a wide range of radiator valves to suit every type of radiators.

Chrome Radiator Valve— Why Chrome Radiators?

One of the best things about chrome radiators is the fact that they come in a wide variety of finishes, styles and sizes. So, you can choose the perfect model that is almost purpose-made for your requirements.

Before buying the chrome radiator for your bathroom, consider a few questions like—

  • A place to locate it conveniently
  • Available space
  • Easy access to central heating pipes.

No matter which designer radiator you choose, ensure there should be a few inches of extra space in either direction to avoid it being too close to anything, like door frames or corners.

We understand that space is at a premium in many homes and have introduced a range of modern chrome radiators and radiator valves accessories that look amazing in even the smallest of spaces. Everything you need to finalize your radiator, whatever your style, get it at My Bubble Bath!

One of our favourites is the Oval Chrome 1800X240 Vertical Oval Designer Radiator Central Heating, a super sleek and stylish vertical radiator that exudes sophistication thanks to its polished, high-quality chrome finish and slim design.

Why Buy Chrome Radiator Valve?

Chrome towel radiators are generally found in bathrooms. It is something that will not only look great but will also keep the room warm and instantly dries those soggy towels. My Bubble Bath has a wide range of radiator that offers a perfect solution for all your needs!

If you have already had a bathroom remodelling, then you need to ensure that your new chrome radiator goes well with your new décor. Our range of radiators complements all modern bathroom styles and size, offering a simplistic yet contemporary style.

With countless different styles available to complement any room and style, it is worth spending that little bit extra for a high-quality chrome radiator!

My Bubble Bath stocks a vast range of chrome radiator valves to complement all domestic radiator applications. Whether you need thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) or manual valves, in either straight, corner or angled pattern, we have everything. Our choice of head designs usually includes bevelled square designs, softly rounded styles, and cross heads to go well with all traditional and contemporary radiators.

Cali Square Head Straight Radiator Valves – Pair – Chrome

It is designed to bring a contemporary look to your home. It will perfectly complement Cali contemporary heated towel rails.

Explore our wide range of elegant, great value designs to find the perfect chrome rad valve to match your radiator.

We are extremely pleased to offer you the lowest prices as well as a friendly expert service with several years of experience. Our dedicated customer support team will assist you in choosing just the right valves and accessories for your radiators, guide you on the different finishes and styles, and answer all of your queries regarding our products.

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