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How to Get the Best Idea for Modern Bathroom Designs?

Modern Bathroom Designs— From Bright and Chirpy to Elegant and Stylish

Modern bathroom design is all about a clean, simple, minimalistic look and feel. Think geometric shapes and patterns, minimal colours, clean lines, and smart furniture. Your bathroom, small or large, can easily become a modern, luxurious place to relax and calm down.

Since bathrooms are spaces that’s used every day, building them to go well with our personal style is imperative. From bright and cheery to elegant and sophisticated, we have shared some modern bathroom design ideas to transform functional spaces into refreshing and relaxing escapes.

Looking for Modern Bathroom Designs?

If you are looking for ideas to create a modern and stylish bathroom, you are in the right place. A bathroom can be practical, stylish and having the proper knowledge, space-efficient too.

Stylish bathrooms are an extravagance many of us can only daydream about – a free-standing bath in the middle of the bathroom, perfected with rumbling fire and luxurious bathroom furniture is on everyone’s Wishlist, right? However true it could be, we think small and compact bathrooms can be just as beautiful!

A bathroom doesn’t have to look cramped or cluttered when you add in a few witty tricks of the market – your bathroom can soon ooze style and elegance!

A couple of smart design tips mixed up with a splash of exquisite accessories, practical furniture and nitty-gritty will turn the most modest of bathrooms into a blissful space. We have shared some best design ideas to create the modern bathroom of your dreams.

IDEAS: Modern Bathroom Designs to Create Bathroom of Your Dreams

Go for Minimalist Design

Minimalism is a thumb rule for modern design, so ensure that you keep your bathroom open and clutter-free. Use fitted bathroom storage furniture to hide bathroom essentials. It will not only hide away your items, but will also help you organize toiletries, shampoos, cleaning products, etc. properly to design space for relaxation. Choose mosaic tiles and backsplash with geometrical shapes to add style and character without compromising minimalistic design.

Choose Freestanding Bathtubs

For modern bathroom designs, freestanding bathtubs are a staple. A freestanding bath can act as a pivotal point even in a limited space. A perfect balance is vital, so keep things sharp and symmetrical by cleverly placing your tub in a place that will improve the Feng Shui of your bathroom. Nowadays bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes, including pedestal, oval, round or rectangular to make your bathroom look and feel more stylish and modern.

Add Greenery to the Bathroom

Adding a touch of greenery in your bathroom builds a link between the indoors and outdoors. Bring the outdoors inside your bathroom by adding an indoor plant— they look amazing in the shower, on a windowsill or next to the sink.

Jazz up With Modern Lighting

Choosing the right lighting is a decisive part of modern design style, especially in the bathroom. When shopping for lighting fixtures, keep in mind modern design is all about lines and geometric shapes, and also consider the fixing of lighting.

Windows are an immaculate and functional design trick for contemporary bathrooms, because they add more refreshing natural light and visual appeal to your bathroom.

Mount Your Taps to The Bathroom Wall

Wall-mounted mixer taps function well in small bathroom designs since the pipework can be concealed without the necessity for a basin pedestal. You can utilize that freed-up space to accommodate a laundry basket or shelving.

Think Like a Pro

Visually and architecturally, it is best to keep a bathroom open and spacious by not crowding with too many things. Keep changing your amenities often, follow the pattern to a minimum, hang your towels on towel rails, and make it simple. Use pedestal sink or wall hung instead of a bulky vanity unit to make the room feel bigger, a clear glass door instead of the shower curtain and reflective surfaces, for instance, glossy ceramic tiles in a large scale.

Choose Wall-Mounted Unit

Wall-mounted storage furniture continues to be a favourite for storing essentials because of its fuss-free, modernized look. Available in a range of depths, widths and heights, lets you design customized furniture that best fits your space. A wide range of textures and colours, from strong brave tones to soft hues.

Take Advantage of a Sloping Roof

Use every edge of a loft space by making a bath into the attics. If you have an inelegantly shaped ceiling, smartly turn it into an attractive feature. Add character and style in a confined space by painting the ceiling white to stand out with the statement colour behind. If possible, add a wow factor by including skylight to open up your bathroom and create a bright and airy space. White furnishings will bounce light everywhere in the room, which lets you add personality with a few attention-grabbing accessories.

Beautify with A Refreshing White Scheme

Make your modern bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious by sticking to a basic all-white scheme. Match a sparkling white bathroom suite with glossy wall tiles and lots of deluxe textured towels to make the space feel more welcoming and cosier rather than cold.

Consider adding a hint of colour to a white suite— make sure its light enough to give an airy feel, but keeps more character.

Garnish White with Black or Blush

If you have a limited budget for a complete bathroom makeover, accessories also do wonders for a compact space. Pick a theme— monochrome is very much popular nowadays and easy to execute, or you could go for blush tones for another modern look. Make sure sticking to the style of your preferred choice to mirrors, lighting, smaller accessories and soft furnishings and immediately renovate the space.

Buy Custom-made Fixtures and Fittings

A well-organized design can equip all the nitty-gritties by making the most of the available space. Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to make a compromise on beautiful bathrooms; you can make a focal point of a beautiful bath or walk-in shower, instead of ending up with an overcrowded bathroom.

Shift Your Shower Valve

Where space is constricted, choose an over-shower bath offering the best of both worlds. Instead of placing your shower against the shorter side of the bath, give it a try by putting it beside the longer side for a more luxurious feel. Choose a bold floor tile design all over the bath to complement with the rest of the room.

Keep to A Black and White Palette

Stick to a monochrome scheme and add pattern, texture and colour. White colour will work up a bathroom like no other colour, turning your bathroom spacious as well as luxurious. Black and white can be a winning combination in a modern bathroom.

Design A Wet Room

A wet room can maximize a confined space and add significant value to your overall property. If you’re planning to renovate your attic, consider a wet room rather than a bathroom. It’s a brilliant way to make the most out of a small bathroom space and when it’s gorgeously refined like a designer-style one, it’s spectacular. Install a good extractor fan because ventilation is critical as an accumulation of moisture could result into damp and condensation problems. Underfloor heating doesn’t consume any space but will add comfort and warmth, and assist in drying surfaces rapidly.

Keep It Simple

If you are in a sticky situation over how to enhance your bathroom, just keep it simple with natural, soft shades. Choose bathroom accessories and furniture with clean lines and keep the room as mess-free as possible to build a feeling of space.

Be Smart with Bathroom Furniture

It is imperative to pick the bathroom furniture and accessories wisely. Make the most of space in small bathrooms and choose a tallboy unit for maximum storage. Space-saving wall-mounted taps give a spick-and-span solution. The more of the floor space you can see, the roomier your bathroom will feel, so opt for a freestanding basin unit. You can add a mirrored unit to give the illusion of space to a small bathroom.

A restricted footprint shouldn’t impact on your artistic flair. If your bathroom is on the brink of the small side, go for freestanding furniture. Choosing freestanding storage lets you to move your unit around as you like and, not like fitted bathroom units, you can take freestanding units with you when it’s time to relocate.

Shop for Modern Bathroom Designs at My Bubble Bath

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Whatever bathroom design— classic, traditional or modern you choose for, these modern bathroom design ideas will bring elegant style.

Smart storage options and smart finishes will let you make your bathrooms stylish as well as practical. Whether you choose traditional detailing or a sleek streamlined look, there are lots of ways to pack a punch.

With the wide range of bathroom designs available here at My Bubble Bath no matter what you wish for from your dream bathroom space, we are here to assist you!

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