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Difference Between Close Coupled Toilet And Back To Wall Toilets

Elders will benefit a lot when they use close coupled toilet

toilet is an essential piece of hardware used for the disposal of urine or faeces. The market is flooding with designer toilets which come in varieties of colours, sizes, designs and shapes. Show caution while replacing the existing toilets with brand new ones and also study your exact requirements before taking the next course of action.

If you are a person who gives maximum importance to cost, quality and standard, it is always better that you think twice before buying the latest toilets which are popular among the UK citizens. Under the toilet category, there are three different designs which are getting the best reviews and ratings from various quarters, and they are

Even though all these products are getting rave reviews, the first two products, namely close couple and back to wall are selling fast since there is a massive demand for these toilets.

Majority of the builders, architects, civil engineers and contractors those who are in construction industry showcase interest in installing close coupled toilet in small and studio-type apartments since they happen to be the best fit for these types of tiny apartments.

Elders and senior citizens can easily use close coupled toilet since it is designed compactly using cutting edge technology. They can also clean it quickly after using it. Older people will benefit to a great extent when they use these stylish toilets which come with the highest quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of using close coupled toilets

Listed below are some of the main advantages and benefits of using coupled toilets.

  • Hard-wearing product

Coupled toilets are always a favourite choice and best seller because it withstands rough handling, rough usage and stays away from wears for years. Buyers can use these types of modern toilets for year hassle-free.

  • Aesthetic and fashionable look

Built with classic look and incredible features, close coupled toilet is a show stopper. Customers can flush the water quickly and clean the closet within minutes. Guests and visitors will be awestruck when they use these types of toilets.

  • Simple installation procedure

Service providers, plumbers and installation experts can quickly identify the space and install the toilets without expending much time.

  • Affordability and cost of the products

Coupled toilets are less expensive than other sophisticated toilets and customers can purchase them from online and offline shops at any point of time and get them delivered quickly.

  • Small toilets extract minimum amount of water

As these toilets come in different types of compact styles, customer can save plenty of water since they consume only very little water. You can invest your money in 4 or 5 litres models as these products are priced nominally.


Some of the disadvantages of using this model are listed below.

  • Cracks or settlements can happen overtime.

When customers’ use close couple toilets continuously over a period of time, cracks, debris and settlements can happen.

  • Not suitable for big apartments or homes.

Do not buy and install toilets in bathroom suites that are constructed inside the huge bungalows or homes.

Analyses of difference between closed coupled toilet and back to wall toilets

Built with a sexy finish and ultimate style, both of the above models are hot sellers since they come with utmost comfort and ergonomics. Before ordering or buying the toilet, check whether it has sleek and supremely sculpted pan and cistern. You can also find toilets that are sold without cisterns. It is up to you do decide which models meet your exact expectations.

There are lots of differences between closed coupled toilet and back to wall toilets and some of them are listed below:

  • Closed coupled toilet has two different parts namely pan and cistern and it is usually sold as one complete unit. In back to wall units, cistern is sold separately.
  • You will find the button of the flush on side of the cistern. Whereas in back to wall units, the flush will be wall or unit mounted.
  • Market price of closed couple toilet is much higher than back to wall toilets

You can get a better insight and complete information about various types of toilets that are popular in UK, when you explore the latest videos that are posted in social media channels. There is also another toilet, namely wall-hung, which comes with trendy designs and outlook. These toilets can be easily fixed on the wall and cleaned quickly. You can also clean the underneath of the toilet base easily.

Wall-hung toilets are the best fit for remodelled or reconstructed bathrooms since it consumes little space. If you rarely use toilets, then this product will be the best one for you. You can adjust the toilet according to your needs. All the toilets listed in this article come in vibrant colours, and you should choose the products which go well with your wall and floor colour. Bathroom space will brim with beauty when you the add latest toilets inside it.

Take a closer look before buying the best toilets from the market. You can also visit nearby shops which sell varieties of bathroom fittings and inspect the toilets before purchasing the best ones. Both online and retail shops are offering discounts and deal for all types of branded toilets and always purchase from these types of shops which are getting the best reviews.

Never buy toilets from unknown shops or retailers and ask for references from known sources before venturing out. You can find a close coupled toilet which comes with eye-catchy designs when you visit the stores which sell the latest model toilets. Your homes and office spaces will get that transformed and colourful look when you install branded toilets in it. Best toilets surely add character to your bathroom space. Explore various websites before choosing the best online shops and e-commerce companies which sell modern toilets.

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