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Why BMW I8 Hire is a Popular Car Rental Choice?

BMW i8 Hire— The Best in Group of Car Rentals

BMW has had a long history of spectacular and unfailing vehicles which has been capable of turning heads ever since. Once there was a time when electric, and hybrid cars were rather featureless and to be frank, damn right horrible!

Then a couple of the world’s most successful and influential car companies got drawn in, guaranteeing the future for electric and hybrid cars no longer looked gloomily unwelcoming. One of those companies was BMW, whom in the year 2014, introduced the incredible i8.

Ever since the first picture of the BMW i8 concept appeared, all the car fans across the world have been waiting for it eagerly. First time stepping into the car, it seems like there is nothing eminent in this car, but to everyone’s surprise, it also packs a robust punch under all that hybrid-ness and the measly nature of hybrids.

Even with the BMW i8 having a somewhat eco-conscious nature about it, this state-of-the-art sports car is generally stated to as a supercar.

BMW i8 Hire— Efficiency, Style and Luxury in One Car

The BMW i8 signifies a revolutionary change in BMW’s radical way of reconsidering the way personal conveyance is taking a clang on the fuel economy. It is a wonderful first effort to provide to the new era yet preserving the performance legacy costing a large amount more than you can think of.

Getting around the town when in London you are on vacation or a business trip, you need a ride that shouts professionalism at the top of its engine. Amongst all the other prestige car rentals, only the BMW i8 hire is the one that suits both the bills.

Just imagine yourself stepping out of this attention-grabbing BMW i8 in a birthday party, dinner night, business meeting, or maybe voyaging down the street to get a thrilling ride.

BMW i8 Hire: Future of the Luxury Cars!

The BMW i8 exhibits the vision and future of luxury cars. The top engineers have managed very well to blend the fuel efficiency of a compact car with the modernized design and speed of a sports car with this outstanding plug-in hybrid.

Think of feeling the engines purring with capability as you hang on to unleash their power on picturesque drives. The BMW i8 possess all of the staple competences and comforts of a BMW, making it just as much of an adventure to drive.

Using its electrically charged 131 HP front engine, the BMW i8 can be driven efficiently, which can be accompanied by a 1.5-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine on the rear axle.

When you trigger them both up, the i8 has a 0-60 mph time of only 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph. Make the most of your driving pleasures while curtailing carbon emissions with the fantastic BMW i8.

A Ground-breaking Ride: Manufactured with state-of-the-art materials and engineered with intelligent technologies, the BMW i8 delivers a sporty ride that is not only sleek but also sustainable. Capable of clasping the road just as well as any other range of BMW model, the driver and passenger get everything they could desire and need.

Brilliant Design: From the interior to the exterior, the BMW i8 was engineered and designed with sustainability and performance in mind. Its lightweight build, sleekness and engine efficiency deduct from its carbon footprint while enhancing the driving pleasure.

BMW eDrive: The BMW i8 owes its extraordinary dynamics to its blend of a lithium-ion battery, fantastic energy management system, three-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor. In entirely electric driving mode, you can watch over daily tasks with zero local emissions and the best part— its battery is rechargeable wherever electricity is available, together with a typical 230-volt household socket. The BMW’s Efficient Dynamics further enhances its energy-saving effectiveness.

SPM Offers BMW i8 Hire at The Best Possible Price

One of the world’s most famous and iconic brands, the BMW i8 has a foundation of fineness learnt from BMW’s staggering history. Therefore comfort, luxury, and performance are going to be managed efficiently. And to the fact, BMW has a long history for designing some properly brilliant cars, and the i8 now takes pride of position in this renowned list.

Not only is the BMW i8 a vehicle in which is way beyond its time, but it has also given petrolheads and enthusiastic BMW customers something to be happy about regarding the future of the luxury cars.

BMW i8 is perfectly fabricated and features an interior full of top-notch materials and obviously heaps of advanced technology. The car’s body also features parts built from lightweight carbon fibre, which perfectly balances the overall performance of the car.

SPM lets you to purely adore all the thrills and fun of driving a luxurious vehicle without any of the stresses. Moreover, we provide pick up and drop up facilities in any of our extensive list of locations.

Get in touch with us today, and enjoy the pleasure of riding BMW i8 hire car in budget!

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