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Are the Best Luxury Cars really expensive?

Generally, the luxury car is not the one that is built with a high-level extensive technology but it is the one that brings a level of prestige in the society.

Normally, most of the people believe that luxury cars are very expensive as it is made from too expensive materials. This is true to some extent but the truth behind this is that many luxury cars use parts and pieces that were not used on other cars within the manufacturer’s model range. Parts cost money to design, develop and make it with official website, and if they are used across a number of models, those costs can be spread. If they are not, then the car used in has to be more expensive to compensate.

And, anyway the number of sales of these luxury car’s is comparatively less. Thus, the manufacturers can’t spread the cost by producing lots of example of the car, so each unit has to be more expensive. However, most of the people feel proud and much pleasured to pay the extra amount for the exclusivity they get from owning a rarer and more luxurious car.

Best luxury cars available in the UK

Let’s have a look at the best luxury cars that are available in the UK.

Range Rover – The latest Range Rover, the fourth generation of the model. Apart from its SUV body, the Range Rove is just the best and most comfortable one for a long-distance cruiser as it is ploughing through a muddy field. Other than its imposing presence, the Range Rover is surprisingly agile and hugely refined.

The Range Rover is available in four trim levels – the ‘entry’ level Vogue, the mid-range Vogue SE, the autobiography and last but not the least it’s bespoken SV autobiography. Its engines are large in capacity with a 3.0 litre SDV6 diesel in two outputs, a 4.4 SDV8 diesel and a 5.0 supercharged petrol with V8 availability.

The Range Rover is with the extra height that is over its rivals. It feels truly massive in the back, especially in long-wheelbase guise, and thus gives out a fabulous view.

Mercedes S-Class – When you drive a Mercedes S-Class, you can experience a relaxed state of mind. Its vibrations through the pedals and steering wheel are non-existent and even a to motorway speeds you won’t hear any wind sound.

It’s too hard to notice the imperfection of the road surface as the Mercedes simply soaks up the lumps and bumps as if they were never there, to begin with. Its performance is highly impressive too. The six-cylinder in the 350 d powers the luxury barge from 0-62 mph in six seconds flat and will keep pushing forward to a limited top. This is made possible by 282 bhp and more importantly 600Nm of torque which is available from as low as 1200rpm.

Porsche Panamera – The Panamera is a masterclass in evolution ahead of revolution when it comes to its development. Its air-suspension can be switched to comfort mode at the press of a button to keep back-seat occupants comfortable and unruffled. With its standard and S models, rear and four-wheel drive is available, plus E-hybrid, diesel and Turbo and Turbo S models to choose from.

Audi A8 – The Audi A8 is one among the most proportionated one, but it takes a glimpse from the small Audis. Thus, it is not that famous and a head like the Mercedes S-Class and Range Rover. But still, it is Audi’s alternative and is apparently good. It has one of the best interiors available today that mixes with high-tech, self-driving technology and subtle, classy good looks.

Jaguar I–Pace – The jaguar I-Pace is currently the first one that has become very competitive in the market of luxury electric SUV’s. The other luxury cars as Mercedes, Audi and BMW are all there in the run with all up’s and down every other year, but for now, Jaguar has created the market for its own self. Inside this I-Pace, the occupants are surrounded in a sea of leather, polished wood finishes and aluminium while the huge panoramic glass roof, thin A-pillars and large windows that can create a very airy cabin. While its look slicks, it’s marred slightly by being confusing to use when attempting to adjust the settings of a car.

Availability of Best Luxury cars for hire and lease

For many people, owning a luxury car is still a dream, but those with higher monthly budgets are still away from buying a luxury car. For these people, these luxury cars are now available for lease where they can enjoy the drive and comfort of it instead or buy it.

When lease is an option for the people with higher monthly budget income. Similarly, for those with a reasonable income, who cannot afford to lease a luxury car can now make use of luxury car hiring companies to hire a luxury car for their special life occasions. SPM is one of the best service providers who give out luxury cars for hire. SPM aims at providing this service to give happiness and fulfilment of the dream to many people who cannot afford a luxury car. They provide their best luxury cars hiring service for almost all the life memorable events such as a wedding, prom, etc.

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