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8 Signs You Need ‘URGENT’ Air Conditioning Repair

Experience the Difference with Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services

Is your air conditioner working at the best? Often, your air conditioning unit will start showing some signs and symptoms of a problem before breaking down. When you can address the problem early with the help of professional air conditioning repair service from CVAC team, you will not only save a good amount of money, but also avoid the frustration of encountering a full system breakdown.

‘8’ Signs It’s Time to Call Air Conditioning Repair Service

If you are not sure when you need air conditioning repair, here are a few signs that may indicate there is an issue brewing with your air conditioning unit and it’s time for a service call—

1. Weird Sounds

Usually, air conditioners make some noise when they start up and shut down. In general, conditioners are likely to be fairly quiet. But sudden, loud or strange sounds can be a strong signal to big problems with your cooling system. Buzzing or clattering sounds can be a sign of loose part, while grating, grinding, squealing, and whistling or any other loud noises can indicate something more serious. Such kind of problems usually doesn’t go on its own, so a professional beef-up is vital. Our skilled team will look out for the cause of the problem and accordingly recommend a solution that will keep your family comfortable and healthy all season long.

2. Improper Flow of Air

Inadequate airflow is one of the most common sign that your air conditioner isn’t working properly or will soon stop working, or that any obstacle is preventing air from passing through the ductwork of your home. A broken motor, blocked air filter or something even more serious may be to blame. If airflow is not sufficient in your home, we recommend investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. It will give your air conditioner an improvement by exchanging unpleasant air with fresh air whenever your system cycles. Your air conditioner will also benefit from zoning systems, by ensuring you are getting good airflow and cooling power where it is needed the most.

3. Warm Air

When your ac starts blowing out warm air, it’s time to get air conditioning repair done. It can be a sign of a broken compressor or leaking refrigerant. At CVAC, we recommend professional air conditioning maintenance and repairs to the expert rather than attempting yourself. After all, your home’s cooling system is difficult and needs careful calibration.

4. Moisture near the System

Your air conditioning unit depends on refrigerant to cool and heat your home, and may create condensation as it works. These liquids should not get collected or leak into your home, though. Any leaks or moisture near your system also indicates a problem in the system. Leakage sometimes can be a minor issue as well. For instance— if the drain tube gets blocked by something it can get resolved easy. Getting moisture in excess amount can be a sign of refrigerant leakage and can lead to risk for mold growth. Leaks can rapidly harm your home and may even lead to some critical structural problems.

Air Conditioning Repair | CVAC LTD

5. Strange Odours

Similar to strange sounds made by ac units, any strange smells can be cause for tension. If you get any unpleasant, pungent odour from the system, this can be an indication that the wire insulation in the system is damaged. Any stale smells mean that mold is present, which is also an alarm for your family’s long-term health. A quick diagnostic visit well gives an overview that whether your air conditioner system needs a tune-up and a full cleaning and servicing session, or if your cooling system needs a more ultra-modern solution.

6. Short Cycling

It is the process by which an air conditioner gets on and off many times all over the day without running too long or completing a complete cooling cycle. AC units use more energy in getting turned on and off than they usually running, which is why you would want yours to run for no less than 15 minutes at a time. Or else, it’s typically an indication of something really wrong. Short cycling is also known as “hard-starting”, and is one of the most common issues in car air conditioning system. It puts huge pressure on the compressor and will reduce life of the system while boosting the cost to run the air conditioner. There are several reasons behind short cycling or hard-starting to occur, so let professional air conditioning services provider find out what’s wrong with your system.

7. High Humidity Levels

Part of an air conditioning unit’s job is to extract humidity from the air present inside your home. Your ac unit should automatically balance the humidity levels. If you experience stickiness in the air or water pooling inside your home, that means there are some issues in the conditioner. If your systems fail to keep moisture levels in a comfortable range, it’s time to call an expert air conditioning servicing company.

8. Higher Utility Bills

Sometimes, an air conditioner won’t show any clear signs of a problem, but a sudden shoot up in the power bill without a corresponding bump in how regular you run your air conditioning unit is another strong sign that your system is calling a good air conditioning repair or replacement. Higher bills could be because of a faulty thermostat switch or leaking ductwork. It is also possible that you have a too old ac unit that just isn’t as efficient any longer. Either way, the ac needs to get repaired and avoid unnecessary costly utility bills.

Get Highest Quality Air Conditioning Repair in London

Have you noticed any of the above-mentioned problems with your air conditioner systems in London? CVAC is ready to help across London and the Home Counties. The sooner you call for service or repair work, the lesser is the probability to reach the point where your ac unit completely breakdown. When it comes to your air conditioner, getting timely and regular air conditioning repair service is extremely important.

Air Conditioning Repair | CVAC LTD

Why Book Us for Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Work?

Today, there are many types of air conditioning systems in the market, and so are there features and requirements. Air conditioners today— from central systems to wall mounted— are more cost-effective and energy efficient than ever before. Whether you are looking to install a new ac unit or want to replace your old unit, count on CVAC for professional air conditioning installation! Our expert technicians evaluate your home to find the perfect cooling unit that meets all your efficiency needs and budget.

A proper air conditioning installation will ensure you don’t have to face any expensive repairs and emergencies in the future. Unless you are not concerned about your system’s lifespan and performance, it’s something best left to the professionals. CVAC maintenance contracts go the extra mile to promise your comfort in the hot summer days!

Hire CVAC for Any Air Conditioning Repair London

At CVAC, our motive is to keep your family comfortable, healthy and safe— call us today and book us for any type of air conditioning requirements! We offer bespoke planned preventative maintenance solutions according to your needs and those of your buildings.

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