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Here is what we the tenants have achieved together in 2016 –

1. Abolition of letting agent fees for tenants announced and will now undergo consultation to be embedded as law (

2. London Living Rent where a 2 bedroom London flat will cost below £1,000 in rent announced – (

3. Ban on rogue landlords protecting millions of tenants is being planned (

4. AirBnB announces to block hosts in London from renting out homes for more than 90 days a year without official consent. Landlords can no longer use their homes as ‘backdoor hotels’ reducing supply of homes available for rent. (

5. Buy to Let tax changes making Buy to Let investments less attractive which means more properties available for First Time Buyers instead of Buy to Let investors – homes are for living not for trading. (

6. Laws to protect tenants from revenge evictions so that tenants are not evicted just because they asked for repairs. (

7. New regulation on carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in rented properties and £5,000 fine on landlords who violate this regulation. (

8. Thousands of tenants have now rated their rental property and landlord on – making it difficult for rogue landlords with a bad review to rent or sell their property and at the same time rewarding good landlords with a positive reviews. We are creating the right kind of competitive pressure.

We still have lot to do – build more affordable homes, ensure above announcements become laws as soon as possible, taxes on empty homes, limits on foreign buyers, rent regulations/caps, modular housing, millions of landlords/properties to rate and lot more.

We promise to keep you updated in 2017 with all the news. Please give us a thumbs up by reviewing your former/current rental property and landlord on – your reviews will keep us going in 2017.

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