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Why Mens Hublot Watches Should Be Your Next Watch?

Founded in the year 1980, Hublot is quite new in the Swiss watch-making industry, yet already ranks on the list of leading watch brands of the world. Hublot— pronounced as ‘ohh-blow’ is considered to be home to some of the most extraordinary combinations and materials ever used in the watch-making world.

Hublot — The Art of Fusion

Hublot successfully brings together the art and folklore of innovation and horology. Since 1980, the Swiss company has been designing highest-quality watches, which outshine due to their ornate design and excellent choice in fine materials. Hublot understands the client’s needs well, and this consistently exceeds the expectations with luxurious and exclusive watches.

The key principle behind the Hublot’s unparalleled success is the “art of fusion”. It has continually elated the watch lovers with adroit material combinations and witty collection concepts.

Hublot— Unusual Mix of Materials

Their timepieces blend avant-garde designs with a perfect claim to precision and quality. Hublot was the first luxury watchmaker to combine natural rubber and gold— and thus the concept “art of fusion” was born, taking tradition into the future. They have combined materials like King Gold, Magic Gold, zirconium, carbon fibre, tungsten, tantalum, titanium, magnesium and more traditional materials such as platinum, gold, diamond, ceramics, rubber, steel and many other precious stones. 

Hublot was built on neither rich tradition nor heritage, but on the beast force of invention, innovation and savvy marketing.

Hublot— “Big Bang” Boom

Launched in 2005, BIG BANG – multiple award-winning Hublot watch is a perfect example of the Fusion concept. The Hublot Big Bang, now the signature collection of the renowned brand and a watch-making icon, has completed 13 years of success. 

The Hublot Classic Fusion or Hublot Big Bang is not merely fine wristwatches; they are a kind of potent statements that won’t go unnoticed ever. Hublot timepieces are plucky, innovative, and stout in quality. Hublot prides itself on disruptive design. 

Thanks to the efforts of Jean-Claude Biver. With his guidance and experience, this young watch-making company has effortlessly set itself apart from other premium watchmakers and has thus; build a strong and distinctive brand image. 

Since the inception of the brand, Hublot has made itself identified as a revolutionist with best-seller collections like King Power, Big Bang and Hublot Ferrari model lines. Hublot never stepped back from being different. The unique designs and matchless innovations confined in these watches are what make this brand stand out from other watchmakers.

Hublot— the First Rubber Strap Watch

Hublot made the first-ever rubber strap watch. Hublot always loved experimenting and playing with unusual materials which cemented the way for the world’s very first rubber strap watch. Nyon-based Hublot has boomed since that first rubber strap, but it still hypes the same boldness with all types of precious material “fusions”. Today, the rubber straps are synonymous with almost any diver or sport’s watch.

Hublot Watches— What Makes Them Different?

One of the most tempting factors of the Hublot watch brand is the fact that these timepieces are exceptionally wearable. Their watch embrace components designed especially for daily use, such as scratch resistant gold and rubber sports straps. This allows the wearer to enjoy classy, premium watch, without worrying about any acute damage. 

Hublot watches are recognized for their porthole shape (‘Hublot’ means ‘porthole’ in French), combinations of brushed and polished gold, and their modest black dial. 

‘Design’ is the key reason behind the specialness of Hublot. The rubber of the bands matches and contrasts the dials of the watch. The bands are designed to fit any wearer’s wrist— thus making it both light and comfortable. 

Another thing that makes Hublot exceptionally unique is their outstanding customer service. Despite the fact where Hublot owners are in the world they can always get and experience brilliant customer support and the company will always make extra efforts to satisfy them. No matter if anyone buys a Hublot watches online or in a boutique, Hublot is always devoted to its esteemed customers.

Hublot Watches— Why Should Get One?

Hublot has something for everyone. Buying a new or pre-owned Hublot watch gives a wide variety of styles and choices. Getting a pre-owned luxury watches gives you a chance not to be just limited to only current production. Rather, you can pick from the complete history of Hublot Watches, to get the one that best suits your taste and style. 

There are lots of leading online providers of used and brand new Hublot mens watches, offering customers a vast collection of these wearable, yet lavish, watches. 

5 Key Reasons to Buy a Hublot Watch:

1. Unique and incisive designs

2. Collection of limited and special editions

3.  Made from novel materials like, gold, diamond and ceramic alloy Magic Gold

4.  Collaboration with Ferrari on the MP-05 with a 50-day power reserve

5.  In-house calibres like the HUB6016 with a tourbillion

Hublot Watches— Bold, Innovative and Strong

Every year, Hublot concocts a number of special collections and limited editions. They own the honour of making one of the world’s most expensive watch— “$5 Million Hublot Big Bang Watch”. 

The world’s first, a unique piece, an incomparable and extremely rare feat, Hublot Big Bang watch is full of 1282 diamonds overall, with more than 100 carats of baguette diamonds along with 6 emerald-cut diamonds weighing over 3 carats each. 

All the diamonds used by Hublot are hand-picked and are of highest quality, graded. This is the most expensive watch ever manufactured by Hublot and its enduring partner, Atelier Bunter in Geneva. 

One thing any admirer of horology, design or jewellery can understand is the artistic and engineering deed this watch symbolizes. 

Luxury watches by Hublot are a few of the most admired and sought pieces of technology. Fusing the best in history, design and craftsmanship, watch prices can go sky-high into the millions. 

With a bold, confident eccentricity and ardour to innovation, Hublot has paved its place as one of the leading luxury watch brands in the world. 

So now you know what Hublot watches are and why people adore them. Time to break the ice, and get yourself one!

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