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Where can I find women’s plus size Jackets with good style?

Women’s Plus Size Jackets

Finding the right jacket can be difficult as it may be too warm or too cold and you never know what the weather will be, especially if you live in the UK. Every girl needs a jacket that they can layer underneath to keep warm if it is cold, or throw over their outfit if they want to be more covered but still feel light and breezy if the temperatures are hotter. Our range of women’s coats and jackets ensure just that; they can be worn throughout the seasons, making them a versatile piece that can be worn for almost any occasion.

We would recommend opting for oversize coats and jackets and women’s plus size jackets as this will ensure that your outfit is kept light and airy and doesn’t restrict you in any way. Also, opt for a jacket that isn’t padded or doesn’t have excess layers that can weigh you down. Also, ensure that you are wearing thin and light-weight layers underneath to prevent you from becoming too hot out in the sun after. Yet, ensure that if you would like to take your jacket off, the outfit underneath is modest so that you aren’t restricted to keeping your jacket on if it becomes too hot and that you can put it on and take it off at any time if necessary.

Women’s plus size denim jackets are also a great option as denim jackets are always trendy and popular during the spring/summer season and if it is oversized, it ensures that your outfit is kept breezy and can be worn open. Yet, if it is cold, this can be layered underneath without feeling too tight or restricting as there is extra spacing.

Our range of women’s plus size jackets

There are many different styles of long jacket women’s style that are perfect to wear during the spring. These oversized coats are perfect to throw over any outfit and can be worn for any season. These can be layered with sweaters underneath for a warm outfit or worn with a blouse for a light-weight airy outfit.

Here is a list of our favourite coats and jackets that are available to shop now online and in store:

1. A-line trench coat

A timeless piece to add to your wardrobe, perfect for layering with during the current weather. This coat with an A-line style and with power collars and angled pockets. Can be worn over Abayas, tops or jumpers. This comes at a flattering longline length. What is great about this piece is that it is also 50% off so you can get it for an amazing price of £30. You are sure to reach out for this piece on a daily basis for its comfort and can be styled up or down for any occasion or season. This is perfect to wear over women’s suit jackets.

2. Longline light jacket

A suede-like lightweight jacket, with a soft-finish detailed with side slip pockets with popper fastenings and a tie fastening for a better fit for those who prefer a slimmer fit. A smart-casual piece that is versatile and will suit any need whether that be to complete an office look or a laid-back look for the weekends. A simple yet chic piece that will elevate your outerwear game.

3. Waterfall duster

This waterfall duster is a must-have for the spring season when you want to throw over something light-weight and flowy. The way this drapes at the front gives a classy and elegant feel that can transform any outfit. This can be thrown over any casual or dressy outfit to give your look an extra layer.

Women’s plus size coats and jackets

If you are looking for a coat to wear during the colder seasons, then make sure to check out our women’s plus size jackets as they are perfect to layer underneath and can keep you warm no matter what the weather may be.

If you have any queries regarding any of the items that we stock regarding sizing or styling of any of our coats and jackets, feel free to contact our team who will be more than happy to assist you in your shopping experience.

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