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What are some stylish Women’s Coats and Jackets styles?

Women’s coats and jackets

It can be so hard to keep up with different trends and styles, with new trends coming out every season. This is why it is best to invest in a few timeless and classic pieces that are sure to stay in trend for quite a while so that you can continue wearing the item while keeping stylish. There are many different styles of jackets and coats that can be re-worn though out the seasons. Here are our top styling tips when looking for a good coat or jacket.

1. Opt for a basic or neutral colour such as beige or brown. These colours will always be in trend and will never go out of style. These colours can also be easily paired with different outfits without you having to worry about your outfit clashing with each other as neutral colours and black match almost any other colour so you know this coat or jacket will be your go to when creating an outfit.

2. Trench coats are one of those pieces that will suit everyone. They give of a put together and formal vibe but can be styled up or down for any occasion. These pieces are perfect for throwing over any outfit for a put together and stylish look that is trendy and will always be in fashion.

3. When looking for women’s plus size coats and jackets, make sure you don’t get one that has excess layers as this may add excess weight and make your outfit look crowded. Instead opt for a lightweight jacket where possible. Style this by wearing it open with a shirt/top and jeans for a causal everyday yet formal look.

4. Find a coat that can be transitioned between seasons so that you can continue wearing the coat for as long as possible. Look for coats that come with a detachable hood or collar so that on the colder says you can wear it with this and on the warmer days you can take it off. This ensures that the coat can be transitioned from autumn to winter or from winter to spring so you get more use out of it.

5. Finally, don’t forget to be confident with your look. Those who look the most stylish and fashionable are the ones who are confident and comfortable in the way that they look. Dress however you feel most relaxed and comfortable and you will elude confidence.

Our range of women’s coats and jackets

Don’t forget to check out our range of coats and jackets for a wide range of stylish, fashionable and comfortable pieces that are versatile and can be transitioned between the seasons. If you are looking for cheap women’s coats and jackets, then don’t forget to check out our women’s coats and jackets sale. You are sure to find something unique and of a good deal in our sale section so make sure you check this out!

Our coats and jackets ensure that you are kept looking stylish and fashionable with as little effort required as possible. Here are a few of our favourite pieces that we offer that are perfect for starting your new stylish wardrobe:

1. A Line Trench Coat


A timeless piece to add to your wardrobe, perfect for layering with during the current weather. This can be worn over Abayas, or jumpers or T-shirts for those warmer days. This comes at flattering longline length which is perfect for those modest girls out there. The lightweight material makes it perfect to wear during warmer days but this can be layered under for extra warmth on the colder days.

2. Trench Coat with Belt


This formal trench coat is a must have this season. The buttons and the belt to tie at the waist gives a put together and sophisticated look. Perfect for a smart look for work or a formal setting, this trench can be paired with almost anything for a versatile look. Available in black and camel, these will be your go to. The colours are perfect to wear with any outfit, without having to worry if your outfit is clashing.

3. Waterfall Duster

This waterfall duster is a must-have for the spring season when you want to throw over something light-weight and flowy. The way this drapes at the front gives a classy and elegant feel that can transform any outfit. This can be thrown over any casual or dressy outfit to give your look an extra layer.

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