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Top 5 Ecommerce UX Design

Top 5 Ecommerce UX Design To Embrace In 2017

The year 2016 is about to end and it is now high time to focus on the new transformations and design that your ecommerce site London needs. Well you are busy with managing sales and holiday season for your customers you also need to add new and adorable designs to your ecommerce website and online store London so that you earn even bigger responses in the coming year. Here are few ways that will you build the prefect ecommerce ux design store for the coming year

Do Friendship With Scrolling

It has been observed and surveyed that the more the scrolling, the more will be the number of products in your ecommerce website and the more you will travel towards ecommerce development. Hence, this new year it’s time that you become friends with scroll feature and make all your customers to scroll down the huge list and variety of products your website occurs.

  • Scrolling makes a better story
  • Scrolling makes it easy to load other than pressing back again and again

The Easier Payment & Shipping Options

Your customer always wants that as soon as they try to go for the payment procedure it takes place quickly without producing much delay. Also, your ecommerce store UK, should be capable enough to deliver the product at the maximum number of locations.

  • Have an integrated payment gateway with your online store
  • Make the delivery as fast as possible
  • Deliver products at the maximum number of possible locations

Have Good Audio & Video Effects

Audio visual aids with good audio and video effects always make your ecommerce site design to look better in all means. Interactive and dynamic videos make your site look attractive, friendly that engages customers and make them to love your ecommerce website design. Hence, in 2017

  • Use maximum number of images
  • Use animations and effects that make your ecommerce site Londonlook wonderful
  • Use full screen videos, but make sure that they do not slow down the page and do not harm it while loading

The Fast & Dynamic Search

In 2016, many online stores have tried building highly interactive ecommerce site pages using new technologies like java script, angular JS, and many more. And now in 2017 it has been a necessity for every website to have fastest loading web pages with new technologies integrated and used in it. The speed matters a lot and customers switch website even if page is loading even a second late. Hence, make your website integrated with new and dynamic designs to make highly interactive web pages that will boost up your ecommerce growth and ecommerce development in 2017.

The Touch Of Augmented Reality

Many stores and ecommerce websites are going for the augmented reality that gives the customer a view of how they are going to look in your product. This not only helps in doing easy sorting for your customers but also give the, a valid reason to shop from your online store. Where everyone is trying to integrate this augmented reality with their stores you should also do the same.

  • Create virtual shops and videos
  • Enter the new world with VR

The world is trending and so your ecommerce ux design and ecommerce development. Hence, get acquainted with all these features in 2017 and make the New Year special for your customers and your ecommerce store. Use the new technologies, get the new touch, have good videos and images with the fastest speed and make the best ecommerce ux design online store London. All the Best!!!

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