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Technical Short Story : The Truth About professional ecommerce website design

I am an owner of a big Chinese bag manufacturing firm that originated in China. For the purpose of keeping my company and my image unharmed, I would like to keep our identity hidden. Like every business person that has seen growth in their native region, I wanted to expand my horizon and set foot in the farther lands. I understood that the smaller Asian countries would slowly accept my products but the booming market for me was UK.

The people around London appreciate luxury and can afford great quality bags even if they come at a high price. They understand the difference between innovation and copying. While everyone around me was trying to create dupes of major brands, I was setting foot in the market to become one. My company was quite established with the Chinese community and my product passed the test of time with durable products.

Now, it was time to go overseas. It was impossible for me to set up a plant in London and sell it out to small shopkeepers. This would decrease the value of my brand and make my brand prone to dupes. I wanted to get deep into the market and make people buy my products directly from my stores. Going the conventional way would take my at least 10 years to establish brand credibility and have a real hold on the market share. With my limited capital and unavailability in the foreign land, I could not afford to do that.

All You Need To Know how to get Professional Ecommerce Website Design

The solution to my problem came through a great professional ecommerce website design called C Factory. My friends in London told me about them and I heard rave reviews from the business people who had worked with them previously. I was thinking will i get professional ecommerce website design! But I like the design aesthetic.

I also appreciated how they always thought one step ahead of the market. They understood my issues through e-mails and then after a final skype call they told me the plan that they had for me. Even the price that they asked for was more than legitimate and the final outcome made me all the more satisfied.

They delivered the final website one week before the decided timeline and the web design was amazing. They always kept me in the loop when making important decisions and helped me get into the psyche of the average buyer. I was relieved by the work they had done for me and now it was time to spread the word.

I was so impressed with their web design work that I gave them the job of social media marketing as well. They promised me guaranteed results. Within one week, I received 40 orders which is great looking at the competition in the market. I started shipping my product directly to the customers and received payment in my bank account.

Now, I am a big shareholder for good quality bags in UK and even supply products to fashion shows and models. I can see my brand picking up the momentum and it is all because of my decision to work with C Factory.

Thank you team CFactory for that you have done for my dream!


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